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One Weird Trick to Control Your Boyfriend's Mind (the Trick Is Pouring Juice in His Dickhole)

Want to hear a secret? It’s a good one. Some might call it epic.

You know how, as women, we are constantly being reminded to enhance our appearance and increase our sex appeal so men will be attracted to us? How millions of straight women spend billions of dollars on clothes and beauty products to peacock around for some guy burping at the bar? How long has it been since you’ve really thought about how much time we spend waxing, manicuring, preening, primping, sometimes resorting to surgery, and wearing undergarments that treat our buttcheeks like teeth with corn stuck in them?

If you’re doing this to entrance the menfolk, will [...]


British Air Force Can Now Give Literal Death Stares

Wow, great, maybe, or damn, or great in the sarcastic sense: Britain's RAF pilots are now being equipped with helmets that allow them to shoot planes just by looking at them. To actually destroy a plane they have to stare it down, then "steer a missile towards it with his, or her, mind," which is easy. The scary helmet is also voice activated with commands like "Exterminate," or "Die, die, die," or "Go gently into that good night."