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Two Ways to Order a Shake

I work in a co-working space. (For all of you who ask me what that is,  I say, "a co-working space is a place where you pay a few hundred dollars a month to share an office space with people, and also, how are you such a genius that you have thus far managed to avoid reading the annoying publications in which you would have learned this annoying term?") In said co-working space, I share a small room with two other writers. We have recently taken to calling our little room The Suicide Suite, because off of it is a beautiful balcony on which we are prohibited from standing [...]


Shacon Bake?

Bacon Shake.


Kelis, "Rumble"

Ten years ago, a milkshake brought all the boys to the yard. Today, some light horns and a slinky, mellow hook bring us back to the yard. Kelis's new album, Food, is due out April 22. [Pitchfork]


Red Velvet Vampires and Oreo Werewolves*

Yeah, I went. Obviously. The Awl has it covered, so I thought we could close-read this original document, captured at a Utah diner, instead.

1. Right off the bat, one is forced to conclude that the diner has run out of cookie dough and brownie. Considering that Paul and Embry are not exactly climbing the popularity charts, this suggests that people just really like cookie dough and brownie. Having spent three of my teenage years at the DQ (they said they'd take me back), this seems correct. When we grew depressed about working at the DQ, the other teens and I would hide in the walk-in freezer and eat [...]


From the NYT Well blog: "do rich desserts have a select ability to change our longer-term eating habits?"

To get a better idea, Dr. Ludwig and his colleagues recruited a dozen obese men and then fed them milkshakes on two different occasions separated by several weeks. In each case, the milkshakes were nearly identical: flavored with milk and vanilla, and containing the same amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. But on one occasion, the shakes were made with high-glycemic corn syrup; on the other, a source of low-glycemic carbohydrates was used.


What they found was that four hours after drinking the high-glycemic shake, blood sugar levels had [...]


If Loving Milkshakes Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right

Scientists have figured out what some of us have known for decades: Milkshakes are a drug. A creamy, delicious, highly addictive drug.