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Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

The Book of Jezebel is "An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Things" edited by Jezebel creator and former editor Anna Holmes that includes funny-to-serious entries ranging from giggle (Tee-hee) to Wolf, Naomi. Published in October, it's a work of art, a humor book, a compendium of writing from an array of notable names, and an excellent guide to important topics of our time.

It's also a book that came from a blog, and not just any blog, but the blog that set the stage for sites like The Hairpin to emerge and implement and experiment with their own styles, voices, and content. Jezebel was the first to dedicate itself to breaking new ground in writing for women, to [...]


I Never Meta-Horror I Didn't Like

Why do I love horror movies so much? Partly, of course, it is because I am emotionally unwell: I really enjoy being afraid. I have spent most of my life searching for the Perfect Scare, the Holy Grail of nightmares, that ineffable something that will truly, deeply, life-ruiningly terrify me. (And no, you guys, it is not The Exorcist. People need to stop suggesting The Exorcist. It's a perfectly good movie, but it didn't scare me when I was thirteen and it doesn't scare me now.)

But beyond the adrenaline-on-crack thrill of a really good scare, one of the things I love about horror is that it's so darn [...]


43 Minutes With Edith

Editor emeritus Edith Zimmerman is on the Longform Podcast this week, talking about this very website and lots of other interesting things. If you miss the sound of her voice, or at least how it sounded to you on the page, go listen.


But Who Reviews the Reviewers' Reviewer?

Your books editor recently reviewed some reviews over at Electric Literature, and talked a bit about what makes a good book review:

Stepping back, though, I believe it is very difficult to succeed with a book review if you lack generosity of spirit and a genuine love of books. There are plenty of terrible books, there are far more mediocre books, there are many good ones, and there are some that are great. Books that are terrible or mediocre are rarely worth your time to review. Which is not to say that a negative review has no place in your arsenal, but when I am reviewing a book, I [...]