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Is My iPhone a Tool of the Patriarchy? Notes From an Investigation

New U2 album automatically loaded onto iTunes, Nicki Minaj's Anaconda remains suspiciously absent.

No default Beyoncé ringtones available, but there is some bullshit called "Stargaze."

Autocorrect changes "menstruating" (perfectly natural bodily function) to "men's trusting" (two words that should never be seen together).


Bloodfeast: The Nutella Bacon Burger

"Bloodfeast" is a new period foods-themed recipe column.

Happy Period Day, everyone! Time to roll out the fanfare of cheesy carbs and whatever gluttonous pleasures you lovingly reward yourself with during your moment of bloodspill. Whenever it is my own goddess moon time of the month, I crave A BIG ASS BURGER. I like to call this ritual, “Blood in, Blood Out.” I’ll go to In-N-Out for some animal style or hit up a greasy spoon diner, it doesn’t matter. Red meat and melty cheese dance in my eyes like emoji hearts.

This last time it was period burg time, I wanted something sweet to go with my savory… simultaneously! [...]


The Best Time a Diva Cup Suctioned Itself to My Cervix

I consider myself fairly crunchy on the “granola” spectrum. I homebrew kombucha, take a lax view toward showers and shampoo, and, yes, bake my own granola. So when I started hearing buzz about menstrual cups – much of the buzz from Hairpinners themselves! – it sounded way up my alley.

(Yes, that is a portent of things to come.)

I am pro-environment and as anti-spending money as the next twenty-something grad student, so I researched the heck out of those little guys. The number of review websites alone will boggle the mind. As usual, though I am totally willing to try new things, and want good information first, [...]


"Two Things Guys Don't Like Hearing About"

Why Do I Poop More When I Have My Period? you asked in your dreams last night, probably. PopSci has the answer:

The answer is prostaglandins. These are the chemical signals girls' and women's bodies make and send to the uterus to tell it to contract, thus expelling the uterine lining at the end of the menstrual cycle. Prostaglandins aren't super picky about whom they talk to, however. If the body sends enough of them to the uterus, some stray prostaglandins will make it over to the bowel, which is located nearby. There, they also tell the bowel to contract, thus expelling… you know.

Oh. Ohhhh. YOU know.


Bloodfeast: The "Ragwood" Sandwich

Let’s raise our Diva Cups for a toast. This is a momentous occasion: we are now all on same menstrual cycle. At least that’s what I’m happily assuming. Look at us, braiding each other’s hair, holding hands, surfborting together on ye olde crimson wave. Someone please pass the Midol. I’m wearing white culottes because I like to live dangerously. My dearest Sync Sisters, let’s celebrate this period party with a Bloodfeast snack we can all share!

A couple of years ago I hosted a party based on a legit fantasy: a “Midnight Cartoon Sandwich Party.” I wanted to surround myself with supportive friends cheering me on as [...]


"Yeah, I got it. It's so red."

The geniuses behind Camp Gyno are back with "First Moon Party," a riff on period parties. [YouTube]


Depend on a Yes

Over the years, I’ve come to see my inherent lameness as a form of ethics. Take, for instance, the bag of Depend undergarments that sat in my closet for nearly a decade.

By age 11, I had read all those Judy Blume books, parts of the Bible, and Carrie, so I knew, seeing the brown stain in my underwear, that I was now initiated into the fraught world of little women. Nothing would ever be simple again. But what I had not yet taken into account was my own mother, a woman that had grown up in post-war Korea and then immigrated to America, the land of milk and Costco [...]


Bloodfeast: “My Uterus Is Listening to the Cramps” Mac and Cheese

Greetings, my Blood-shedding Sisters of the Red Moon. Today we are going to make a very special macaroni and cheese dish that will magically get rid of your menstrual cramps. Just kidding! It won’t get rid of them, but it might make you feel better and a ‘lil carb cozy while watching some Lifetime Original Movies—or LOMs, as I like to call them. Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?

A mac and cheese connoisseur like yours truly has no doubt experienced some noteworthy varieties. There was the famous Nancy Reagan recipe that an ex-boyfriend’s mom used to make an obscenely often amount. There’s been the trendy truffle macs [...]


For Our Periods, An App For That (That Being Our Periods)

Do you use an app for tracking your period? Hairpin pal Jenna Wortham swears by it: "Ida Tin, a entrepreneur based in Berlin who released the application Clue, said she sees these applications as an all-purpose life tracker, one that documents a women’s relationship to her body throughout her life, from the beginning of menstruation to menopause." It's like a digital yearbook for our uteri. [NYT Bits / screengrab courtesy @aminatou]


Viagra: The New Heating Pad

Researchers have found that sildenafil citrate, the main ingredient in Viagra, Revatio and other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, can also be used to alleviate moderate to severe menstrual cramping in women.

"It seems counterintuitive, but what sildenafil citrate does is dilate blood vessels," said Richard Legro, a gynecologist at Penn State College of Medicine and one of the authors of the study. "It leads to an erection in men, but in women, we think it can be an effective treatment for acute menstrual pain."

A very small study (just 25 women) out of Penn State found that the active ingredient in erectile dysfunction drugs may help relieve [...]