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Yours Is Like a Flower or a Pie or Something

Is a lady's orgasm different from a dude's orgasm? PROBABLY?

We can tell you right now: you ain't never gonna really find out, and that seems like a shame.


Can We Still Be Friends?

So maybe you’ve read the Scientific American article that came out yesterday that basically told you that although you think we’re just platonic friends I secretly entertain the possibility that someday we’ll be more than that. Yeah, sorry about that. What can I tell you? I think you’re amazing and I like you a lot.

And I hope we can still be friends. Even if Science says we can’t be. When has Science ever been wrong? The Atkins Diet, for one. This is just one study. They can get one study to tell you that you should eat bacon in the shower every day and live until you’re 150. [...]