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New Burgers

"It looked, smelled, acted and tasted like a burger (well, a very [redacted] burger), and it had the added quality of being very moist."

What does the Times advocate mixing with hamburger meat?

a) Mushrooms b) Yogurt-olive oil-nut puree c) Horse meat d) Sushi e) Ice

The answer might surprise you. Well, no, it will not.


Hamburger Medley Overseas

"While there is a plausible explanation for the presence of pig DNA in these products, due to the fact that meat from different animals is processed in the same plants, there is no clear explanation for the presence of horse DNA in products emanating from meat plants that do not use horse meat.” —Where's the British and Irish hamburger horse meat coming from?


Shacon Bake?

Bacon Shake.


Too Many Women in the Kitchen

Two-thirds of men will help out in the kitchen this holiday season, says new research, which is kind of high! But what are the other 33.33333333333(etc)% of men doing? Not even so much as "lifting a finger." In a study, these wimps listed "lack of confidence, previous failures and complicated recipes" as reasons for not helping out. Also, they are under the impression that their significant others are "happy to take care of everything culinary." The meat company that conducted the study (?) says women need to get everyone to help out, so, OK, once again we're in charge…of getting other people to attempt being in charge.


Matchbooks of Meat

Since The Hairpin is committed to bringing you all the minute and obvious health news of the day, there's this bit about how meat should be eaten in tiny side portions, infrequently, if you want to possibly live a little bit longer, although of course we'd never really know.


Come for the Steak Puns, Stay for the Butchering Demo

"There has never been more interest in disrupting the way meat is produced, consumed and communicated to the public. Yet, significant barriers exist to scaling current approaches. The following are a summary of the challenges we will be tackling over the course of the weekend." —Today marks the start of Hack//Meat, a weekend-long conference/competition/multimedia event about making and eating better animals. There are prizes, and judges, and although it's physically happening in New York City, at Grind workspace, there are ways to follow along and contribute via Twitter, if you're interested (#hackmeat). Lots more information here

My question about meat is: If you have it only [...]


Would You Like a Side of Crickets With Those Pancakes?

"Insects are approximately 10 times more eco-friendly than beef. Insects offer us an opportunity to rethink and move away from pork and beef." —A zoologist on why it's greener to stop eating bacon and start eating bugs. Great idea in theory, but aren't exoskeletons are a dealbreaker for most of us? Though one chef does make locusts coated in chocolate and salted caramel, which maybe could be….Nope, nevermind, can't do it.


Unfortunate Week for Meat

South Africa study finds donkey meat sold as beef.

What will they find in meat tomorrow? Somewhere an olive oil wizard and his public relations team are sharing seven celebratory glasses of wine and a handful of nuts.


Benny's Bloody Mary Beef Straw

"Beware pickles and celery, there's a new Bloody Mary garnish in town!" Three packages of 10 will set you back about $40.


Even Plants Don't Want to Die

"Before you hit 'send' on your hate mail, let me say this. Different people have diff"—SEND. Just kidding. If you're a vegetarian because you think animals feel pain and plants don't, get ready to have your mind "release a bouquet of volatile chemicals, which in some cases have been shown to induce neighboring plants to pre-emptively step up their own chemical defenses." Does nothing want to die? Man.