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Last McConaughey Post This Week (??)

) I forgot to check my AstrologyZone this month, so I'm not exactly sure why I keep clicking on everything McConaughey or when it will stop.

But in the meanwhile, check out this video where he tells George Stroumboulopoulos (Canadian Carson Daly?) the origin of his catchphrase "alright alright alright!" It involves Jim Morrison, searing insight, and McConaughey pronouncing the word get like git!

[Via Uproxx]


My True Detective Season Recap

[N.B. I have never seen True Detective.]


Camera pans over a bayou or maybe a wooden shack. There's a dead body inside the shack. Still warm.

WOODY HARRELSON: It's incredible that they got us two mega stars to be in this TV show.

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: All right all right all right all right.

HARRELSON: We also look alike.


[VOICEOVER: But which one of them will be—the TRUE detective?]

Roll credits.


Camera pans over a wooden shack or a diner. There’s a dead body still inside the shack, less warm. The diner has good grits.

HARRELSON: I am better at this job because [...]


Two Unrelated Statements

"Then I went through 29 years of her life and it hit me that here's this woman that was once a young girl and this is every girl's dream to find their prince and find their king and to have that fairytale that a young girl has and then grows into a woman, and then it hit me I went, 'And I'm that man.' " —Oh, Matthew McConaughey. That is a really strange formulation!

"Seems to me like this research says not that women prefer large penises but rather they prefer not to look at small penises." —A commenter with an eye for scientific detail on an Atlantic Wire [...]