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The True Cost of "Santa Baby"

The Christmas season is upon us, which means everywhere we go for the next two weeks, we’ll be greeted by a familiar sound: a grown-ass adult using a cloying baby voice to ask Santa for a ludicrous number of gifts.

“Santa Baby,” written by Joan Javits and Philip Springer in 1953, is a Christmas novelty song about a sexy singer (usually a woman but not always) with a whopping Christmas list. One of only a handful of hit Christmas songs written by women, it was made famous by Eartha Kitt but just about everyone with the holiday spirit—from Madonna to Miss Piggy, Taylor Swift to [...]


"A Tool That Does Suck Dust"

How to successfully explain how math works to a lit person:

1. Use metaphors. 2. Be funny. 3. Profit? 4. Sorry, we're really close to being done with "profit?" 5. Like how David Sedaris liked saying he had "finished his smoking," instead of "quitting."


Math: Still Irrelevant

“The math section had 60 questions. I knew the answers to none of them, but managed to guess ten out of the 60 correctly. On the reading test, I got 62%. In our system, that’s a “D”, and would get me a mandatory assignment to a double block of reading instruction… I have a wide circle of friends in various professions. Since taking the test, I’ve detailed its contents as best I can to many of them, particularly the math section, which does more than its share of shoving students in our system out of school and on to the street. Not a single one of them said that [...]


We're Smarter When You're Not Looking

It's not that pretty girls aren't good at math. Or that pretty girls think they don't have to do math because they're so pretty. Just, when you notice girls are pretty and look at their prettiness, all they can think about is feeling pretty and there's no room in their brains left for math. Or something like that. I can't think straight when you're staring.

In the study, women who are looked at as sexual objects not only react as sexual objects, they also exhibit less proficiency with math.


The Fysics of Fast & Furious

Vulture tackles a crucial issue: Could You Pull Off the Fast 5 Safe Heist in Real Life?


I'll See Myself Out

"According to the latest numbers released by theBureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) last week, based on the weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers, women now earn 82 percent as much as men – up from 64 percent in 1980." Goodbye 77, hello 82! So we have an annual growth rate of 0.78%, and that's as far as I got into figure out how long it'll take to break even. 


Perfume Biology

"[W]hat we have found is there is a strong individual interaction between perfume and body odour. People choose fragrances to complement their own odour. It is probably why buying perfume as a gift is so difficult and why they end up lying in the bathroom not being used." Only you can choose your own fragrance. The meme that never will be: #PhotoshoppingPerfumeBottlesOntoCYOABookCovers. Or will it?


Further Ways In Which Beyoncé Is Problematic

1. Beyoncé has 11 more nickels than quarters. How many coins does she have if the total value of her coins is $2.65?

2. Beyoncé is 31 years old. Four years from now, she will be 10 years older than five times Blue Ivy's age. How old is Blue Ivy's secret surrogate mom?

3. Beyoncé is negotiating a new sponsorship deal with Pepsi. They offer her either a flat fee of a million dollars or a penny doubled every day for a month. Which should she choose? 


Math Song Friendly But Firm

It's called the three-second rule, like the kind of rules you had in school.



How to Avoid Getting Wet in the Rain

If you want the long, very interesting explanation of how to stay dry, you should watch all 18+ minutes of this video. It's worth it not only for the mathematical explanation but also for the wonderfully charming MIT professor who's explaining it and his hilarious jokes. (Great math crack at the 15:32 mark!) His accent could not be more perfect, his explanation more thorough, or his enthusiasm more infectious. He had me at "I'd now like to discuss a classic problem of Mary and Peter arguin' in the rain."

If you want the short answer: The faster you run the less wet you'll get, and if you lean forward while [...]