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Guess What "Stoga" Means

"Every Monday night, I get together with my girlfriends — all moms with demanding careers — and get stoned. Then we do yoga." —The Mommyish moms are off with a bang. Or whatever the sound of lighting a joint is. Also: cocaini-pedis, heroitch 'n' bitch, methamphetupperware parties, etc. Now you go.


Teens Choosing Marijuana Over Cigarettes

For the first time since 1981, data shows that high school seniors are now choosing pot over cigarettes. This is exciting news, except for our insides—I recently learned from a musician named Lissie that pot smoke is much hotter than cigarette smoke, and throat and oral cancer do not have very good prognoses, people.

But if you can afford a vaporizer, by all means. Weed is, as you know, a natural painkiller. It can also help some people relax, help others refrain from being so relaxed, and help still others adopt a loose, improvisational style of instrument-playing. According to A Friend of Mine, it can also promote [...]


Cannabis 101

Have you heard about how marijuana is pretty much legal in California now? Not fully or federally legal, but still, pretty much legal. It’s also pretty much legal in Colorado and sort of legal in a bunch of other states, but it’s the most legal in California.

First, you’ll need a medical marijuana recommendation (and here I should note that I'm neither a doctor nor a scientist), which you can easily obtain by explaining to a “pot doctor” that you already use marijuana to alleviate symptoms of “cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.” (I use it to [...]


Have Some Pot Soda

A Colorado company has invented a fizzily brewed form of marijuana for people in the 14 states where prescribed weed is currently legal. Dixie Elixirs come in eight fun, real food-inspired flavors including pink lemonade, grape and root beer. But they're also organic! And look exactly like Stewart's! Don't get them confused. Or do! [Via]


Allergy Sufferers Cannot Catch a Break

Allergies are ruining our lives! Some of them are making us very sad, and, dude, others are totally killing our buzzes.