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When You're at Singles Yoga…

Last spring, I went to a singles yoga class with my roommate. Singles yoga? Yes, singles yoga. It was my friend’s idea; she thought the male teacher was hot and convinced me to come along. But before we left the house, she said, “Wait, Smiley, you can’t wear shorts to a singles yoga class — there’s going to be cute single girls there. You have to wear something nice.” “Wear something nice?” I said. “This is my yoga outfit: t-shirt and basketball shorts. I don’t own those spandex half-pants" — (do guys really feel comfortable in downward dog with their junk just hanging there?) — "so what am I supposed to [...]


Have You Heard About This 'Cowboys Lap Dance' Girl?

Some eagle-eyed fans spotted her at a Cowboys game, giving attention to a gentleman she presumably knows.


A Reason to Make Out

A kiss puts two people in very close proximity. Our sense of smell allows us to pick up subconscious clues about the other person’s DNA or reproductive status. Biologist Claus Wedekind found that women are most attracted to the scent of men who have a very different genetic code for their immune system in a region of DNA known as the major histocompatibility complex. Pairing off with a male who has a different set of genes for immunity can lead to children that will have a higher level of genetic diversity, making them healthier and more likely to survive. (However, it’s important to note that women who take the [...]


For Your Weekend Playlist

Would you like to download an excellent and completely free 24-track mixtape of classic soul music? If you do, and you should, here's the Best Soul Friday Mixtape Ever. Dinner-party music. Make-out music. Music for quietly cleaning your home.


On Bad Kisses

Over on Marie Claire's site, Hairpin pal Diana Vilibert and Abraham Lloyd ask themselves "Is a Bad First Kiss a Relationship Killer?"

The post is entertaining, but should also be literally one word long: "yes." Bad kisses are like magic portals that once you touch your hand to them all of a sudden everything starts furiously whirling and shifting. You thought he/she was cool, smart, and awesome, but you discover he's/she's a bad kisser? Everything shifts. Done. Gone. The planets and moons are whirling as you hold your hand (mouth) to this critical portal and then rapidly draw it back.

Although thankfully bad kissers aren't [...]