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Record Collecting for Girls Author Courtney E. Smith on Mix Tapes and Makeout Music

You probably have a lot of opinions about music, but Record Collecting for Girls author Courtney E. Smith has even more. In her music-nerd manual (which comes out today), Smith tackles such pressing musical issues as guilty pleasure songs, Top Five Lists, and what it means to like The Smiths too much. And since each essay in the book comes with a playlist, the only way to do this interview properly was to head over to to spin some tunes and chat about music.

@courtneyesmith started playing "Lowdown" by Boz Scaggs

woolyknickers: Wow. This is not where I thought we would start this interview. @courtneyesmith: Yes, really. [...]


The Worst Makeout Mixtape Ever

Playing music when you hook up with someone is a great, time-honored tradition — it adds background noise, sets a mood, and shows off the cool new CDs/MP3s/records/ cassettes/ringtones/whatever you obtained for just that occasion. But then sometimes things go wrong, hilariously, and a horrible, mood-killing song slithers out of your stereo, because either your playlist wasn’t long enough, or you forgot there was an unfortunately named track on the album you selected, or you just put it on shuffle and also happen to be the kind of person who owns soundtracks to musicals. You know? No? You have perfect music? Welllll, I definitely don’t, and I asked a [...]