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The Kardashian Kingdom

The broads over at Jezebel (and their photo genius, Jim Cooke) traced the magazine dynasty of the Kardashian/Jenner family PROBABLY just as a nice gift for Haley and I since I ran into Kate Dries recently and probably gave off some vibes that I could really use some more Kardashian Kontent and Kate just knew what I needed. Or this has been in the works for a while, whatever. But the ascent, especially Kim's, is both fascinating and unsurprising; sex tape-era Kim is mostly on gentlemen's magazines, but five short years landed her on the cover of Vogue— a fact that's sort of unsurprising, given that she'd hit [...]


The Cost of Vogue

Via Quartz, using data compiled by Noah Veltman: the cost to buy all of the editorial products featured in the editorial pages from 10 June issues of major magazines. Quartz has more data here, but you get Vogue's Lupita Nyong'o cover for free. [Quartz]


The Evolution of Playgirl: Reviewing Three Decades of Covers

How to Be a Playgirl, a Barnes and Noble Nook Snap by Mental Floss editor Jessanne Collins, is a short—just 24 pages—and highly readable recounting of the highlights of her year-long experience as an editor of Playgirl magazine. Playgirl “debuted in the summer of 1973 and was billed as a sex-positive, fun-oriented feminist response to Hugh Hefner's empire”; when Collins started there in 2007 and until it shuttered in 2008, it bore only a slight resemblance to the original.

In a recent two-hour conversation, Collins and I pored over the covers of select issues of Playgirl. It’s a fascinating journey to go from the first issue, in [...]


How to End Your Celebrity Profile: The Soundtrack

"Ballin'," Young Jeezy

"'And that', he says, smiling, 'is a great feeling.'" (Gerard Butler, Men's Journal, November 2012)

"'I'm finally part of a family, and it's a miracle.'" (Drew Barrymore, Allure, January 2013)

"There is Blue, and a big, boundless future ahead." (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Vogue, March 2013)

"'One thing that is exciting about being a woman is that you can rediscover your beauty over and over.'" (Salma Hayek, Allure, September 2011)

"She flashes a radiant smile. 'All you have to have is a dream, and then you make it happen,' she says." (Gisele Bundchen, Vanity Fair, May 2009)

"After acknowledging the euphoric guests, the president said, 'Excuse [...]


Fusion has won Throwback Thursday; they're going through all the 2000 issues of Teen People, and guys, we were all such messes in the early aughts. Thank god skinny jeans were invented and we could also finally start looking cool and not dragging our bootcut jeans on the dirty mall floor outside of the Orange Julius while listening to HitClips. Take a gander back to yesteryear, where Lil' Kim lived her best life and said things like:

"Biggie [late rapper the Notorious B.I.G.] bought me this leather motorcycle jacket. I used to wear it with white spandex and white boots. It's special to me because one point I [...]


Annotating Dr. Oz's The Good Life

Dr. Oz has a new magazine. It's called The Good Life, and according to Dr. Oz’s editor’s note, the purpose of this new venture is  “to make your life more vital and more meaningful… Every word will be treated as preciously as the person reading it.” So I read the magazine, asking myself as I went: Did The Good Life make my life feel more vital and more meaningful? Did every word make me feel precious? Please join me on this very personal journey through Dr. Oz’s The Good Life.

••• Reading about Alison Brower’s fiery passion for health, I was forced to ask myself: “Do I have a fiery [...]


Chicks Doing Chick Stories

There are two issues at play here. One explanation for this assumption is that the type of “serious” journalism that women’s magazines do—an article about the Chinese marriage crisis in Marie Claire, a profile of political brothers Julian and Joaquin Castro in Vogue, a piece about how to spot an ovarian cyst in Cosmo—isn’t respected as much as the “serious” journalism in men’s magazines. This is supported by the sense among female journalists that they’ll limit their career trajectories if they go too far in a woman-oriented direction. [...]


The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines

Last week, Bop, the teenybopper magazine that's been churning out covers featuring boy band stock photos splashed atop garish fuchsia backdrops since 1983, announced they would cease publication. If you're all, "Bop still existed?" you can't be blamed to assume it had folded years ago. Most teen magazines did.

Of the dozens that have surfaced since the very first teen magazine, Seventeen, was founded in 1944, only four remain: Seventeen, Teen Vogue, J-14, and, assuming some bound pages of prepubescent pin-ups can be classified as a magazine, Tiger Beat.

Here, we look back at all the teen magazines that have folded for one reason (lame cover stars? irrelevant [...]


NYT Magazine's Hillary Cover Makes No Sense: A Brief Scientific Chat

Here is this weekend's New York Times Magazine cover. (The orbiting objects, if you can't tell: The Friends-of-Bill Black Hole, The Super-Pac Nebula, Huma's Dark Matter, The Chelsea Quasar, The Arkansas Cluster, Katzenberg's Comet, The Patti Solis Doyle Vortex, The Obama Supernova; the bottom text reads "The gravitational pull of a possible 2016 Campaign is bringing all the old Clinton characters into her orbit. Can she make the stars align, or will chaos prevail?" Click here to enlarge.) Here is a chat I had about the cover with my friend and astronomy scholar Claire Webb.

me: uh

Claire:  snorted

is this a joke?

me:  it's real

Claire:  no [...]


Why Did You Lose Him?

Usually I buy old knitting magazines for the patterns, but the March 1963 issue of Stitch magazine also featured recipes, horoscopes, and relationship advice—including this quiz, which tells you why all of your relationships have failed. (It seems likely that it was something you did.)

(Click here to enlarge.)

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