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An Interview With a Former Beauty PR Manager

Jane Marie: As your friend, I know that you used to work in the New York beauty PR world — calling around to get products into magazines, always smelling great and having awesome eyeshadow and stuff. That's how I would describe your old job, if pressed. You wanna give it a shot?

MacKenzie Lewis: My official title was PR Manager. My unofficial title was press liaison, pitcher of stories, planner of events and writer of press releases. It was a great gig because no two days were ever the same, and I was able to work on projects like Fashion Week and events with Colette in Paris. But budgeting, strategic [...]


Eight Things to Know Before Moving to Beirut

Mine is a classic love story, really: girl meets boy in bar. Girl and boy spend a few nights together. Girl moves to Beirut.

It’s been three years since that fateful, beer-fueled weekend, and almost as long since I packed up and moved from New York City to Lebanon. While these 36 months have been mostly rainbows and butterflies, there was admittedly a steep learning curve. Now I’m finally settled in and the dirty work is done (you’re welcome).

So here’s what you need to know before you shack up with that tall, dark, and handsome stranger halfway around the world:

1. Get used to being a prostitute.

Or at [...]