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How to Bring Your Lunch to Work: A Guide

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Bringing your lunch to work sounds so simple, but it's actually almost impossible. Or, it was, until I cracked it.

Step 1: This is the easy part. Pick something simple that you'll eat for lunch every single day, and buy supplies to make that thing. Yes, marinated vegetables and goat cheese on gently toasted focaccia with a side of quinoa salad does sound delightful, but that's not what you will be eating. Instead, try this: Peanut butter. Loaf of bread. Apples.

Step 2: When home, unload apples, bread, and peanut butter and leave in conspicuous area, [...]


What Goes with Everything?

Quick, pick one ingredient you have in your fridge that you need to cook for dinner tonight before it turns brown and watery and rotten and then you have a real mess on your hands plus you're out five bucks again due to your poor planning and the fact that 2-for-1 asparagus sales get you every time. Quick! Did you pick asparagus? Guess what it goes with? Crab and eggs! You should make a quiche.



Jason Segel's Butt Crack, Sorry

The two best pictures from this ridiculous photoset of John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Alison Brie, Jason Segel, and Chris Pratt having lunch outdoors in Ann Arbor are this one and this one. And now that we're talking about Jason Segel, let's revisit Dracula's Lament, the greatest song ever recorded.


The Writer-Groupie Experiment


Growing up in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by fame. My elementary school catered to the offspring of celebrities, and Crosby, Stills & Nash performed at my high school fundraisers. Call it what you want: fortunate, pretentious, obnoxious, weird, I somehow managed to grow up politely turning my head away from all those stars around me. Celebrities, I was sternly told, were just normal people like everyone else. I was supposed to continue on with my day whenever I encountered them. To pretend as if they almost weren’t there. So I’d down my cocktails at The Standard on Sunset with Simon Rex shooting tequila next to me, somehow [...]


Lean Cuisine-A-Day: Steak Tips Portabello

After one bite I literally had to read the ingredients list on the side of the box to figure out if I was chewing steak or mushrooms because it says it contains both, but all the brown parts looked and felt and tasted exactly the same. Wanna know the answer? Both! They must've finally figured out how to genetically engineer a cowshroom and I wish I could say it's as delicious as it sounds, but… don't eat this! The broccoli is just regular mushy frozen broccoli and the "steak tips portabello" is ??? And the burgundy wine sauce? Okay, so I checked that too and yes, while wine is [...]


Happy National Bologna Day!

This is shaping up to be a pretty awesome holiday day. I love bologna. We grew up eating this pickled variety out of a jar. Is that gross to you? What, did you only eat name-brand bologna in tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off? Fancy. If mincemeat is more your thing, you get to celebrate on Wednesday.


Lean Cuisine-A-Day: Roasted Turkey and Vegetables

Have you been longing for someone to try all the Lean Cuisines there are and tell you which ones are the good ones or whether those panini ones actually get all toasty in a microwave? Hey! Starting today, I'm your gal. First up? Roasted Turkey and Vegetables, which is described in further detail as: "roasted turkey tenderloins and gravy, green beans with cranberries and slivered almonds" and comes from their "Comfort Cuisine" collection. (I guess they have "collections"?) I am very much into gravy and cranberries. Plus, it looks pretty decent on the box. So, how was it?