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One Occult Sandwich Is Worth 300 Regular Sandwiches

"Maybe I needed to prove that I'm wife material. If he wanted 300 sandwiches, I’d give him 300 sandwiches."


To get your boyfriend to propose: Order organic seven-grain bread that has been made by nuns (it is VERY IMPORTANT that the bread has been handled only by chaste women.  Man-touched bread will nullify this sandwich.) While waiting for your bread to ship, bury seven pieces of capicola and seven pieces of finocchiona under an alder tree during a waxing moon, and keep a sachet of mayonnaise in your bra, next to your heart, at all times. When the moon is full, dig up your meats and assemble the sandwich by alternating pieces [...]


Today's Toy Lunch

Last night while flipping through a friend's copy of the American Girl catalog, I was surprised to find that in addition to its usual updates (omg who's that? are those Uggs?? is that headgear???) the company is also now offering an accessory called the Allergy-Free Lunch. Which is a little vague but seems to cover peanut, egg, shellfish, and gluten allergies, although it's not entirely clear what's on the "sandwich skewers." Chicken? Tofu?

The complete Allergy-Free Lunch comes with food — a "pretend berry smoothie, container of vegetables," and the above-mentioned skewers (better pics here) — as well as "a medical bracelet and allergy stickers to [...]


The Magical Fruit

You may already know about beans, but in case you don't, here's an oddly overwhelming and confusing Wikipedia article about them. Maybe it is important to distinguish what is of the family Fabaceae, and what is not, but either way, it doesn't change the taste, which is delicious.

On top of that, they're so good for you. Beans: crazy high in fiber, antioxidants, and protein, and way low on all the other crap — especially price. In fact, just yesterday at the grocery store they were half off of the already insane $1.50 per can. I got to be That Lady With the Extra Cart for [...]


The Writer-Groupie Experiment


Growing up in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by fame. My elementary school catered to the offspring of celebrities, and Crosby, Stills & Nash performed at my high school fundraisers. Call it what you want: fortunate, pretentious, obnoxious, weird, I somehow managed to grow up politely turning my head away from all those stars around me. Celebrities, I was sternly told, were just normal people like everyone else. I was supposed to continue on with my day whenever I encountered them. To pretend as if they almost weren’t there. So I’d down my cocktails at The Standard on Sunset with Simon Rex shooting tequila next to me, somehow [...]


Parmesan-Curry-Cashew Tuna Salad

I thought summer was ending when I took this picture out my window on September 1st. But of course, it suddenly got hot and lazy again, and this weekend my daughter was back to wading in the cold creek, pitching rocks, and cracking up as the water soaked us both. Afterwards, when we were both impossibly muddy, I just wanted to come inside, turn on the ceiling fans, slouch into my chair, and gobble up something cool and delicious. Lately she’s been hooked on cream cheese and jam on toast, with lettuce, chickpeas and yogurt on the side. But maybe because it’s September—a new year!—I felt ready for [...]


What to Feed a (Former?) Rival

It's not necessarily the No. 1 most important part of Mitt Romney's lunch with Barack Obama today, but I'm curious what Obama's putting on the menu. (The 1933 Congressional Cook Book's "Believe It or Not Salad," maybe? See also: "Candle Salad.") It'll just be the two of them, in the White House private dining room. Burgers? Apples? It's also National Lemon Cream Pie Day; perhaps that might come into play. Sorry this wasn't more interesting.


A Look at The Green Cross

"The name of these cookies was changed from Blueberry Craze to the more prosaic Blueberry Cookie, so the sweets are less appealing to children." —Chow takes a photo-tour Inside a Marijuana Treats Kitchen. [Via]


"Where You Lunch Has to Be On Brand With Your Brand": Match the NYT Quote With the Salad!

"A salad may seem modest, but that dish (and its cult following among trend-attuned New Yorkers like Ms. Bhojwani) is emblematic of a shift in the way that women participate in the crucial information-gathering and idea-generating ritual known as lunch."

Match the annoying line from the story in yesterday’s New York Times Dining and Wine section about women who power lunch with the salad from one of the power lunching hot-spots that you want to vomit up right upon reading it!

1. “It’s a virtuously healthful dish, even though it tastes luxurious, and Tina Bhojwani has devoured it during more business lunches than she can count.”


Bread Makes Three

Here are 10 beautiful pictures of two-ingredient sandwiches.


How to Bring Your Lunch to Work: A Guide

This series is brought to you by TurboTax Federal Free Edition.

Bringing your lunch to work sounds so simple, but it's actually almost impossible. Or, it was, until I cracked it.

Step 1: This is the easy part. Pick something simple that you'll eat for lunch every single day, and buy supplies to make that thing. Yes, marinated vegetables and goat cheese on gently toasted focaccia with a side of quinoa salad does sound delightful, but that's not what you will be eating. Instead, try this: Peanut butter. Loaf of bread. Apples.

Step 2: When home, unload apples, bread, and peanut butter and leave in conspicuous area, [...]