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Preexisting Conditions

My husband is at the DMV taking both the written and the behind the wheel portions of his driver's test. I am not married to a 16-year-old; rather, this is happening because my husband's been driving our family minivan without a license for the last four years.

We had planned to go hiking and grill out with our two young daughters today. We both work full-time and the two of us rarely have a free day that aligns. But he told me over breakfast that he had to go handle this—previously, we'd both found out at a court date for a previous traffic violation that his driving privileges had actually [...]


Love Poems, Then and Now

For the dude in my 10th-grade history class: At first I found your flirting annoying Then it became some kind of treat But I considered it nothing For you flirt with everyone you meet

For the dude in line at Starbucks this morning: I will agree with you about the pale scones Say uh-huh, the blonde roast sucks But as you can see, I haven’t had any caffeine yet And need a break before dealing with office fucks

••• For my soul mate, 1993-1993: ’Cause we are two hearts That share the same mind We could be together If only you weren’t so blind

For my soul mate, 2009––: ’Cause [...]


The Last Sunday of the Year


18 Brides in a Year

If I count events attended plus invitations received, my year in weddings tallies up at 18. I sometimes try to unload a bit of my social vertigo in regards to this figure, and people are like "Whaaaat," and I reply that I know, it's crazy, there is no good reason that someone with my lewd conversational habits should possess even 18 friends. But nonetheless 18 is the number! 18 weddings, 18 save-the-dates fluttering off the refrigerator door when I drunkenly seek my snacks. 18 clues about 36 families' pasts (the curious middle names, the mom I didn't know lived in Charleston), 18 aesthetic indicators of the present (the invitation pressed [...]


Ask Baba Yaga: I've Been Single for 9 Years & I Feel Like I'm Missing All the Boats


Rom-Com Relationship Therapy

Any woman who’s ever fought with a guy after the kind of movie where Katherine Heigl finds love may be shocked by the findings of a new study. A report published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that watching a romantic film with your spouse and discussing it afterwards lowers your likelihood of divorce as much as going through couples therapy does. Researchers analyzed 174 newlywed couples who either went through therapy or merely watched and discussed romantic movies, and after three years, both groups had equal divorce rates. Here’s a transcript from one couple, who watched the romantic movie “Her,” about a mustached man named [...]


My Special Friend

It was our third date, and things had been going well. We hadn't run out of stories to share with each other, he made me laugh, and it seemed like all our interests aligned. It just felt easy, the way they say it’s supposed to when it's right. I’d never really believed that stuff, but then there we were. June 2010. He smiled at me across the table. I smiled back. Then he put down his wine glass.

"Okay, Edith,” he said. “Now that it looks like we're going to be in a serious relationship, I have some requirements that I need to tell you about."

“Okay,” I said. “Go [...]


It Was Really Lovely Meeting You

I slid into my assigned window seat and closed my eyes. Dear airplane gods, I silently prayed, please, please, please leave the middle seat empty for the next 15 hours. I was still begging the universe for this travel favor when I felt someone settle in beside me. Too bad, I thought. Then I opened my eyes on my dreamy new neighbor.

“Hey there,” he said. He had an Australian accent. His blue eyes and unkempt blond curls were coupled with the kind of three-day old scruff that makes me want to move somewhere mountainous populated by men who chop their own kindling.

“Hi,” I said.

While two flight attendants [...]


Valentine’s Day Rehab: A Conversation with Jo Piazza

My best Valentine’s Day occurred years ago, in high school, when I made a cake for my then-boyfriend that said “Happy V.D.” on it. (I thought it was hilarious, so did he. Neither of us, for the record, had an STD). That V.D. was followed by many, many other Valentine's Days, all fine, good, decent, whatever, that I don’t really remember too terribly much about at all, because nothing much happened on those Valentine’s Days aside from going to dinner or not going to dinner with a date or boyfriend or not. I remember a cheeseburger with bacon; that was good.

If we’re talking worst Valentine’s Days, however, the worst [...]


A Particular Kind of Self-Care: To a Year of Female Friendships

Halfway into 2013, I climbed a ladder to the roof of a small white boat in the Caribbean and steadied myself against the bobbing and the salted wind while my best friend Becca did the same next to me. The air was deliciously hot, we were wobbly from a rum and juice punch called Donkey; "Diamonds" by Rihanna was blasting from a boombox. We crab-walked to the edge, grasped each others hands, counted to three and leapt into the waves below.

That moment was one of the best moments of the year, right up there with testifying while a dookie-braided Solange covered Selena on an outdoor stage in Brooklyn and [...]