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10 Years, Actually: Harry & Karen, David & Natalie, John & Judy

This is part of a week-long series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Love Actually.

David and Natalie married in 2004. They and their story were soon known around the world. And what a story it was! A regular girl. One of the most powerful men in the world. Charming, now famous photos of the two at a children's Christmas pageant. They were like Charles and Diana, but, you know, without the unpleasantness of royalty. Their wedding wasn’t elaborate, nor was it televised. David wore a suit. Natalie wore a simple red dress (as did many new brides the following season). After being re-elected in 2008, David announced that he wouldn’t seek [...]


10 Years, Actually: Sarah & Karl, Jamie & Aurélia

This is part of a week-long series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Love Actually.

Sarah still lived in the same flat in the winter of 2006, and it seemed to get a little messier by the year. There were old clothes she’d been meaning to donate piling on the backs of chairs she never sat in. Piles of books she thought would get her back into reading, but never even opened. She was sitting on the part of the couch uncovered by magazines and laundry when the phone rang.

“What is it, my darling?”

“Sarah,” a woman’s voice on the other end said. “It’s about Michael.”

Three hours later she was [...]


10 Years, Actually: Billy & Joe, Juliet & Mark

This is part of a week-long series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Love Actually.

Billy and Joe’s friendship was better than ever post-”Christmas Is All Around.” They both smiled more. They laughed more. They hugged more. Sure, they spent time apart—they hadn’t lost their sex drives yet—but, for the most part, their lives were lived as one, and their careers were all the better for it.

Billy’s 2005 single “May December” (about a woman named May December) was called the song of the summer in the UK. His holiday follow-up “December May” (about a woman named December May) was the Christmas number one single. Life was perfect, actually. It was actually [...]


10 Years, Actually: Rufus

This is part of a week-long series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Love Actually.

We last saw Rufus in London Heathrow Airport. After helping Sam sneak past security, he gathered his topcoat and proceeded to his gate. New York. Non-stop. He hadn’t been to the city in nearly two decades, but was finally ready to return. After picking up extra holiday shifts at the jewelry store he was able to save enough for a two-week stay. It would be more than enough time find her, he thought. It would even be, perhaps, more than than enough time to fall in love again.

Though he never really fell [...]


10 Years, Actually: Colin & Harriet, Daniel & Sam

This is part of a week-long series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Love Actually.

Colin woke up, turned, and stretched his arm to the other side of the bed. For the third time that week, nothing. He was alone again.

Harriet had moved in the day they returned to London. For the first few months, it was nothing but sex, sex, sex. Which was fine! Both seemed to enjoy it, at least for a while. Then, suddenly, it stopped. There was no kissing. No cuddling. No lazy afternoons together on the couch. They were merely cohabiters. It took a while before Colin allowed himself to recognize her lack of exclusivity, but, [...]


10 Years, Actually

Ten years ago this week, A.O. Scott reviewed Love Actually in the New York Times:

The film's governing idea of love is both shallow and dishonest, and its sweet, chipper demeanor masks a sour cynicism about human emotions that is all the more sleazy for remaining unacknowledged. It has the calloused, leering soul of an early-60's rat-pack comedy, but without the suave, seductive bravado. The worst kind of cad is the one who thinks he's really a sensitive guy deep down.

Nice try, Mr. Scott, but Love Actually is a movie overflowing with so much joy that what bubbles over shields it from all criticisms. Rowan Atkinson [...]