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LOL Everything Matters

What if social media matters…SO much?

How To Write A Wedding Toast

*cue weeping*

What Is The Most Hurtful Thing You Can Say To A Man

Tell me, quick, I need to know.

The Nanny Did It (Him)

This is literally why there are tabloid magazines.

NSFW: “The Perfect Polo for Every Body Type”

Here are some attractive men wearing shirts that fit them properly.

“Oh My Vlog” Magazine Is Real

Finally! Something printed on paper about Vine and YouTube!

A Partial List of Emotions I Experienced When I Realized I Would Not Have Internet Access For a Full Week

Weekend Roundup / A Haley Mlotek Appreciation Post

I Mean, Aren’t We ALL Searching for a Man Named Penis?

Things I’ve Recently Seen/Read/Done/Enjoyed/Ruined