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Oldest Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

Buried at the end of this article on the recent discovery of the oldest bra in the world is a little fun fact about panties: only men and prostitutes wore them during the Middle Ages.  [via]


Beauty Q&A: Bullet Bras, Rancid Perfume, and Mascary

I'm a lady with some disproportionately tiny boobs (I've got HIPS). This is fine, I'm not interested in surgical alteration or anything. Usually, I just wear bras with a little oomph, or try to make them sing with their shape. I have an ill-fitted hand-me-down vintage bra that gives me pointy awesome sweater boobs. I've had enough fun wearing it that I'd like to invest in one that actually fits. So, two questions:

1. Is it ridiculous for a 21st-century woman to be walking around with boobs like Peggy from Mad Men?

2. If not, where can I buy a new bra that offers the shape I'm looking [...]


Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur

The wonderful Paz de la Huerta is Paz de la Huerta in this short film about Paz de la Huerta. Paz! Desktop photos over this way.

[Via Natasha]


Laura Ashley Lingerie

Garden parties and human sexuality become one: Beloved old Laura Ashley has partnered with Secret Lace LLC to create a line of underthings, which will include "bras; panties; daywear; shapewear; bodysuits; chemises and babydoll sets." But what will these amazing new pieces of lingerie look like? Pause for a moment to imagine turning your childhood duvet cover into a thong, and that's pretty much what seems to be the case: According to a Secret Lace exec, "Using delicate patterns and details, tonal colors and soft feminine prints, our goal is to make women feel luxurious in Laura Ashley Intimates." And that's that.


Back in My Day, A Serving of Wine Was Two Ounces

If this NSFW (because of a few sheer bras, ooh la la) 1979 Victoria's Secret catalog can teach us anything, it's that tiny wine glasses are not the way to go if you plan on having any fun tonight, ladies. (Not that cross stitch can't be fun, it's just… you did your hair all fancy and everything?)


"Your Complete Guide to Historic Undergarments"

"This corset was made out of an extremely narrow, creamy silver metallic brocade fabric that was so unusually delicate and luxurious, I am certain it was a vintage kimono fabric." The Lingerie Addict interviews the lovely ladies behind the Seattle-based but internet-available Period Corsets, the company with the motto above, about the pieces they've made for the Victoria's Secret shows (not quite pictured), as well as the ways regular people can add more corsetry to their lives. (Their popular c. 1900 Lilly model, for instance, [left], starts at $265.) (Ah! They also have an Etsy shop. I'll take this one.)


Putting On, Taking Off 1860s Lingerie

In the 17th century they let their breasts hang out, but in the Victorian era they tied them up with string, which romance novelists have been investigating for their bosomy romance-novel purposes.

("He held her in his arms and felt her heart beating as he began to unlace the thing outside her outfit, and then underneath that was a smock-type thing, and he untied that, and she helped, and then under that was the corset, so he unbuttoned the little steel twists at the back, and then loosened the thing under the twists, and then she called in her friend, Lucy, and they got the corset off, [...]


Friday Bargain Bin: Be Your Own Valentine

Rachel Roy Frog and Kiss Threader Earrings, $26 Let these serve as a reminder to anyone who doesn't want to be alone next Valentine's Day: kiss a bunch of weirdos! You never know who their parents might be? (Totally 100% kidding. Do this instead!)


Advice From La Petite Coquette Lingerie Boutique, Manhattan

Thyra Heder is an illustrator who lives in Brooklyn and loves staring at people.


The 17th-Century Breastoration: A Time Before Bras

If you've ever been to a Renaissance Faire (I have), you know that the concept is less Queen Elizabeth and more Don Key-Ho-Tee's Medieval Potlucke WITH BREASTS. Or at least it was 10 years ago when a Ren-friend and I ate shepherd's pie, looked at chain-mail, and — once we'd soaked in enough of the Worlde and its high freckled bosoms — tried some boob-hoisting ourselves.

Putting a corset on is tough, and the instructions I received at the Faire went as follows: Lean down, shove your boobs into it, straighten up, then pop them up so they'll show through the dress. It may or may not surprise [...]