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People Trying to Write in Art

(After an unintended hiatus, the Stuff in Art series is back.)

"Something’s not right."



Toys and Games in Art

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Women With Swords in Art

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Seventeenth-Century Preparation H

Dear Philiatros, How can I soothe my hemorrhoids, which are plaguing both my houses? Philiatros: I don't know what that means in this context, but I am so glad you asked, spider-love. The good news is, you have options. Not knowing which ingredients you have available, I'm offering you the latest in our piles-expulsion technology. You can find these and other all-natural remedies in my book.*

Snails! Take mullet leaves and gilt grease, and stamp them with the oil of Garden-snails, and so make a salve of it, and anoint the place grieved.

Sheep poo.Take herb grace and sheep's dung, being new, and boil [...]


Consensual Comedy: An Interview with Comedian Heather Gold

Heather Gold is a comedian living in Oakland. She’s shared the stage with (among others) Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Margaret Cho, Bill Irwin, and Judy Gold. She’s best known for her one-woman hit show “I Look Like an Egg, But I Identify as a Cookie”, an “interactive baking comedy” that’s made the rounds in Austin, New York, and most recently played to sold-out audiences in Berkeley. So far she’s baked over 50,000 cookies with audiences.

She also co-hosts the weekly web series Morning Jew with NYC-based comic Katie Halper.

I asked her to talk with me about she’s messing with the hyper-masculine conventions of traditional stand-up [...]


Are Women People?

There’s nothing like a sunny Tuesday morning to lure you out of bed and into the closet where you keep your desktop. From there you dive into Project Gutenberg, which you plunder, full of matutinal enthusiasm, for things to put on your Kindle so that you can fulfill a longtime fantasy: reading with scones on the lake. (This, by the way, is *the* reason to get an e-reader — not the lake bit, but the sheer bounty, the gems you’ve never heard of on Project Gutenberg, which are yours, for free, and which will break you with gratitude.)

I’d downloaded some forty books for my morning read (in the course [...]


How to React to a Blemish in the 17th Century

Brought to you anonymously by the Academy of Pleasure in 1656.

Image courtesy of the English Broadside Ballad Archive.

Previously: Joan Who Crawled Across London.

Lili Loofbourow writes about 17th-century ideas of reading and digestion, cognitive science, Chile, and femscularity. She blogs for Ms. Magazine and as Millicent over at Millicent and Carla Fran.


Animals Not Good at Hiding


Breastfeeding in Art

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Joan Who Crawled Across London With a Candle Up Her Butt

A badass 17th century lady named Joan won a bet.

Shameless Joan Or, the Old Woman of Finsbury, WHO Went through the City upon all four, with a lighted Candle in her Back-side, and scared the Watch who was amaz'd at that dismal sight. To the Tune of, Jealous Lover.

You that in merriment delight, Pray listen well to what I write, It is a pleasant Jest you'll find, To cure a melancholy mind:

As I upon the Watch did stand, With staff and lantern in my hand A frightful Creature there I see, Which fore amazed and startled me.