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Emergency Engagement Rings

One of each, please.


The Best Sugar Cookies?

There's a question mark at the end of the title here because if anything is subjective, it's the goodness of a sugar cookie. Do you like them crispy? Soft? Fluffy? Dense? Super sweet, or should the frosting take care of that? I'll give you my grandma's recipe, which creates a scarily delicate dough that bakes up into my personal favorite sugar cookies. They're not soft or cakey, but not crispy or crunchy. I guess they're kind of chewy? But not too chewy. They aren't super sweet, and depending on how much nutmeg you dash into them, they have a little more oomph than just "sugar and butter flavored." Plus, they [...]


Let's All Make…

Here's a fun, science-y DIY for creating your own rosewater. Do you like rosewater?


Let's All Make…

no-sew caftans! The folks over at Make took a break from arduinos, or whatever, to show those of us who are too lazy to pull the sewing machines we do own out of the cedar chests our grandfathers made – because those cedar chests are now coffee tables and there's too many (one) wine glasses on them — how to make a shirt. Cut yours extra long and wear it as a gown! Then go get Meg-over-there's hair. Then do this to it.


Embroidered Fancy Sweatshirts

This site is French, but how hard could it be to understand? "Ensuite j’ai rassemblé mes bobines de coton et j’ai brodé au petit bonheur la chance, une couleur à la fois, comme ça." Something-something reassemble a mess of bobbins and a little boner by chance, one color of something, like so!

I was actually inspired to find an embroidery project after seeing this owl sweatshirt. If you take a template, trace it onto the fabric with an iron-on transfer pencil, and just fill in willy-nilly with random designs (here is my favorite book of basic freestyle embroidery stitches), you'll get there in time.


The Look of Flimsy Stained Glass

Memories of this wax paper and melted crayon project may or may not be intertwined with homemade flubber or goop experiments involving Spray Starch and… other things? Once you've decided what colors you'd like to incorporate, the hardest part is sitting there for an hour at the pencil sharpener while you create enough shavings for the mobile of your dreams. "Is this a proper use for a food processor?" one wonders. Probably? A good rule of thumb: if you haven't touched the food processor in over a year, it is okay to start using it for the pulverization of non-food items, as long as they are the consistency [...]


Let's All Make…

…something with fabric paint! Did you forget that summer weekends are for tie-dying in the yard? Making puff paint t-shirts for your  club, "The Disco Bitches?" Here are a few grown-up ideas for this weekend: floral jeans using fabric markers and lace, another way to fix white jeans by making then ombre, another lace stencil idea, puff paint for those cheap fabric shoes you got on sale at Urban, and if you don't have a craft store nearby, you can just mess stuff up with nail polish.


Gold Shell Earrings

The style blog Honestly…WTF has been on a little DIY project break since the holidays and it was absolutely driving me NUTS, but they're back now and everything is going to be okay, obviously, just look at those earrings. Would dried seahorses work?


Last Call for Jack O' Lanterns

Quick: there's still one day left to make scantily clad pumpkins for all your neighborchildren to "enjoy." You could probably skip the top coat of Mod Podge since it really only needs to last for one day at this point. Or you could look up pretty much any stencil and cut out the black parts. This Morrissey one worked pretty well, but that's only because we hadn't thought of making a Meatwad. 


Let's All Make…

giant crepe paper flowers! Look how gorgeous. At Honestly…WTF, they're hanging them from the ceiling, but you could also pile a bunch on that chair in the corner, right? No one ever sits there. Or, make them all out of white and put them up like crown molding. Or, make them out of grey and put them on the floor like bountiful, beautiful dust bunnies.