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La Malinche, La Llorona, La Virgen: My Mother's Ghost Stories

Mom tells the story with a smirk on her face and an eyebrow raised, as if she's revealing something wicked. “It was late, sometime after midnight. I was on the phone with my boyfriend and all of a sudden I felt a cold draft. I thought I left a window open.” The words coming out of Mom's mouth are suspended in the air, waiting for a reaction. I'm listening, but not really; I have heard her tell this story countless times.

“All I know is that I tried to turn around to see where the cold was coming from, but I couldn't move. I was frozen! I was laying in [...]


Myths and Legends: Director's Cut

Leda: So also can I do a test for Swan AIDS. Gynecologist: . . . Swan AIDS is not a thing. Leda: Oh, cool.

Helen's best friend: I mean, it's like, not even fun to hang out with you anymore because it's just about allllll these guys trying to talk to you, and I'm all, why am I even here. Helen: What do you want me to do about it? Seriously.


Mavis Staples on "The Weight"

I have a tendency, which I think is good, to just sing from my heart. I want to feel it myself. Pops taught me that, to sing from my heart. I can’t just sing from the top of my head. I gotta get into the song. I see it like a movie, in my head, when I’m singing. I got Chester, I know what he looks like. And when Pops says, “Go down, Moses,” I know Moses. I took it as Moses in the Bible, you know. I just make up my own vision to make the song feel good for me, and make it my own.

Elon [...]


"Stuffed With the Down of Baby Eagles"

Choire Sicha and Tom Scocca have an op-ed about Penn Station in the Times! You may read it, and take a ceremonial visit to the station, grab a cinnabon, wash it down with a smoothie from Smoothie King. But obvs "don’t stop to contemplate, if you’re there—you’ll be trampled."


Claire Danes: Legend

Four compliments paid to Claire Danes in John Lahr's New Yorker profile of the actress this week, in ascending order of how much they contribute overall to The Legend Of Claire Danes.

4. On 13-year-old Danes, in My So-Called Life:

"'She seemed to have been born fully grown, you know, out of a seashell,' [Marshall] Herskovitz said."

3. On adult Danes, in Temple Grandin:

"'There are scenes where she looks like a young Grace Kelly and scenes where she looks like an old horse-faced English duchess,' [Mick] Jackson said."

2. On adult Danes, in Homeland:

"President Obama, who was given an autographed boxed set of the series, told her when [...]


Searching for a Poorly Named Band on iTunes

You're right, iTunes, I think this is what I was really looking for and I just didn't know it! But which iteration of woman? Season 1? Season 2? Season 3? Season 4? What if I get through Season 4 and there isn't any more?