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Four Unfunny Truths About Laughter Yoga

I went to laughter yoga the other night, I guess because I live in a big city and sometimes wear stretchy pants in the street and pretty regularly force-feed myself kale.

Regular yoga is no longer the cure-all for your out-of-balance, toxins-infested mind-body; the cure-all is laughter yoga. Basically, laughter yoga is the new method for scrubbing out our dirty bodies and changing our brain chemistry and banishing sadness and stress from everyone. Forever.

The idea is that laughing is good for you (science says so, after all), and that pretending to laugh can be just as good for your health and wellbeing as actual laughing. So that’s what you [...]


Women Laughing Together for Fitness

"In this study, people laughed more readily and lustily when they watched the comic videos as a group than when they watched them individually, and their pain thresholds, concomitantly, rose higher after group viewing."


Girl Thinks It's Funny That She Can't Close Her Eye

When Sheltie got her wisdom teeth removed she lost the ability to close her right eye, and at first she laughed about it — but then her eyeball dried up and crumbled out into her hand! "Put it back, put it back," she screamed. (Just kidding.)