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Let's Stop Making Fun of Kwanzaa

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, queens, have made this informational video on Kwanzaa, the redheaded stepchild of December holidays. "So Kwanzaa only looks crazy because there are still people alive who know the dude who made it up, and because he looks like he's playing Old Rick Ross in a Jay Z biopic?" Exactly.


The Ladylike Pie

Previously: The Fake Boyfriend Pie

Ann Friedman sits with her ankles crossed primly while pounding whiskey alone at the bar.


Oh Curves, You're So Weird. Bless Your Heart.

You know, Curves? For Women? Been around since the days of Jazzercize and, just like that bygone fad, somehow ekes out an existence in strip malls and office suites across America? Ahem, I mean across the globe. As I learned from Sally, the “Coach” at my neighborhood Curves, the franchise exists on six continents. Yup!

“We’re not in Antarctica … yet,” Sally said with a wink.

I visited Curves because I am an intrepid explorer (read: restless dilettante) of exercise — you can sign up for a week’s free tryout on their website — but mainly to satisfy my curiosity. As in, WTF is up with Curves? I knew it [...]


Conversations With Lady-Squatters

Carol, Lauren, and Karley have all squatted. Some of them still do. The volatility of urban housing laws in their cities (mainly London and New York) means that they've come to represent different things in the whole landscape of “metropolitan youth” — but mostly they just think the cost of living is kind of silly. Here are their stories.

Carol Carol Sharks puts on parties and plays the band Hussle Club. She currently lives in Brooklyn. Where did you squat? I squatted for real on Mott Street. It was a huge loft that used to be a factory, it was about 5,000 square feet, and the [...]


And Now, Something Completely Different…

This isn't really an interruption in our scheduled programming, because we're always celebrating women around these parts, but today is the first day of our month-long series titled The Women of Our Year, where we celebrate the people who made this year worth actually something. (Just a note: we're applying the term "women" pretty loosely, and we didn't leave anyone out because of biology.)

We'll be posting interviews and essays about these kickass people all month, through the winter holidays, so strap in for the ride: the first post debuts at 3:30 today. Happy first day of December/Almost Holidays/Can-You-Believe-It's-Almost-The-End-of-2014-Death-Is-Totally-Nigh, and always remember, put the ladies [...]


Types of Young Ladies

… From Charles Dickens' and Edward Caswall's recently rereleased Sketches of Young Gentlemen and Young Couples: With Sketches of Young Ladies by Edward Caswall. (The strange title has an interesting backstory.) For instance, the Extremely Natural Young Lady is "always doing some out-of-the-way-thing, that she might appear simple and girlish … She enjoys nothing so much as getting her gown torn and arranging her hair out of doors."

And then there's the Manly Young Lady, who, "should you sit next to her at dinner, ten to one but she puts you down half a dozen times at least." There's a dozen additional types of ladies — the Lazy Young [...]


The Girl Beer, Part Three: Chick Beer

At first Chick Beer seems a little hokey — it's a burpless light beer, for ladies — but then you realize it comes in a cardboard carrier that's indistinguishable from a purse, and that the bottles are wearing dresses, so if you glued googly eyes on them you'd have drinkable dolls on the go. The Village Voice interviews the dolls' inventor.

See also: Carlsberg's ladybeer and Molson Coors's ladybeer.


Overheard at a Women-Only Charity Event

“So many wedges.”

“Turn it down for what!”

“When my milk came in, I had like, porn star boobs.”

“Look at all that pasta.”

“This 50 Cent song is all for you.”

“There’s a little pregnant lady dancing. You go girl!”

“She shouldn’t have worn cream to your wedding.”

“Why isn’t this an all-woman band?”

“Why isn’t the DJ a woman?”

“Where the fuck do you smoke?”

“I know that I need to not smoke but I still need it, ya know?”


Woman Not a Fan?

"Neither Jezebel or the Hairpin concerns itself with the harder to articulate, more insidious expectations about women’s behavior. Neither knows how to write for and about women without almost embarrassing itself in its eagerness to please. Jezebel is too painstakingly inoffensive to hurt anyone’s feelings. The Hairpin is too charmingly self-effacing to take itself seriously, too tirelessly entertaining to ever bore a visitor. They bake pies with low-hanging fruit: they are helpful, agreeable, relatable, and above all likable. … The internet, it turned out, was a place to make people like you: the world’s biggest slumber party, and the best place to trade tokens of slumber party intimacy — [...]


Turn of the Century Athletes Had Mad Style

Look, it's a ladies basketball team from all the way back in — you guessed it — 1902! They look so charming and stylish. This whole collection of team photos makes me think we need to revisit our modern ideas about athletic gear. Wouldn't basketball be so much more romantic if we played in pantaloons?