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There Is Also a "Potting Room"

For a really quite piddly, inconsequential sum, you could be the proud owner of Katharine Hepburn's Old Saybrook oceanside estate. We hear that those daily, frigid swims helped condition her for her victorious 1936 bare-knuckle boxing match with Sixto Escobar.

Question: What's your celebrity dream home?

Answer: Knole Secondary Answer: Knole, taken from the National Trust and the current Lord Sackville through violence if necessary.

If neither of those is to your liking, perhaps a cheaper estate with "an incredible trophy room with butternut wood paneling and automated recorded sounds of animals in the wild that is light activated"?


Katharine Hepburn Movies That Are Sort of About Boats

1. The African Queen: Obviously the most legitimately nautically-themed Katharine Hepburn movie. Also an excellent simile to employ when there are bugs. "It's like The African Queen in here!" you say. And then people know you're a serious, but witty person.

2. The Philadelphia Story: Did you catch it? The boat (The True Love) is a metaphor. For the perfect love shared by Katharine and Cary Grant.


Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn's Trousers

Ever since I was a girl, just looking at Katharine Hepburn has made me feel powerful. There’s the proud tilt of her chin, the direct line of her posture, the graceful sweep of her hair — the steely eyes, the delicately strong cheekbones, the beautifully set mouth. And when she opens that mouth, it only gets better, as her high, melodic voice runs circles around whomever or whatever stands in front of her. For millions, Hepburn was proof positive that Hollywood stardom wasn’t all peroxide blonde and vapid sighs. Along with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, Hepburn suggested that intelligence and verve were beautiful — and that people would [...]