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Celebrating One Year of Prince George, My Favorite Celebrity

Exactly one year ago, the Royal Baby bravely maneuvered his way out of the Royal Birth Canal—today is Prince George of Cambridge’s first birthday.

I know this, because I love this baby. I love him. I’m normally pro-baby—I’m certainly not anti-baby—but I look at George’s pouty Winston Churchill face and feel inappropriately, irrationally attached, like I secretly birthed him and then was made to forget it by the powers that be in a convoluted Doctor Who subplot. I have no interest in I Wanna Marry Harry, but I’d seriously consider attending the casting call for I Wanna Kidnap Prince George, Rename Him Rusty Obama McFreedom, and Flee the Country, But [...]


What Will They Name It

Aidan Middleton of Cambridge? Jayden Middleton of Cambridge? Siri Brooklyn Sophia Hashtag Middleton of Cambridge?


When Royalty Goes to the Supermarket

Kate Middleton went shopping for food! Can you imagine, a princess in a grocery store? (You can because it looks exactly like when a regular lady goes shopping.)


Kate's Bouquet

I'm not ready to move forward just yet. Kate's bouquet was apparently "made of Lily-of-the-valley (return of happiness), Sweet William (gallantry), Hyacinth (constancy of love), Ivy (fidelity) and Myrtle (marriage and love)."

Sweet William! I love it. May this day never end.


Kate Nash, "Girl Gang"

Time to check in with the creator of "Foundations", your drunk fake-English-accent karaoke standard. "Girl Talk" hits stands…today! Well, not stands, that's more for magazines. Shelves! Kate Nash also looks a LOT like Kate Middleton, so some of us pretend they're the same person and "Foundations" is about Prince William.



The Hat Person of the Year Award Goes To…



The Kate Middleton Bridal Doll

While you were enjoying your weekend, the Franklin Mint was hard at work making the official Kate Middleton Royal Bridal Doll, available now for pre-order at $295. You will be relieved to know that:

Nothing has been overlooked. From the sparkling Scroll Tiara loaned to her by the Queen, first presented to the Queen Mother by George the VI in 1936 to the delicately hand-applied floral laces on her bodice to the amazing satin train, every element defining those precious moments in time can now be yours. She even wears both rings; the sapphire engagement in the hand holding her lovely bouquet and her new wedding band, securely fit [...]


Kate Middleton and the Huntsman

At first I thought the Duchess of Cambridge's official royal portrait was one of those face-mashes that show how two people's kids might look, and then I thought it was one of those projected-aging things, but it is neither.

And artist Paul Emsley has lots of lovely work on his website.

Be careful out there, Kate.


Waity Katie at Thair-ty

"Hobbies she enjoys include walking." —Happy birthday, Kate Middleton! The Duchess of Cambridge turns 30 today, and, to honor her, the reliable Daily Mail stacked together a list of 30 Kate Middleton Facts, one for each year of her ostensibly charmed life.


Prince William Is Driving a Convertible!

OMG!!!! The Royal Couple has just left Buckingham Palace en route to a period of "reflection" before tonight's party. The Prince himself is driving! In a convertible with balloons attached and a custom license plate that says JU5T WED! It's a total surprise move! They look so happy. This is the sweetest possible ending!