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Your Inner Sailor Scout Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Back when your three-ring binder was covered in Imperium Silver Crystals stickers and badly-translated kanji, chances are you had serious discussions with your friends over which Sailor Moon character was your counterpart. The Sailor Scout you related to most was truly an existential dilemma. Were you a brain like Mercury? A diva like Venus? A metaphor for the temporality of life like Saturn? These questions may still plague you, so here’s an easy way to approach the problem: the Myers-Briggs Test. Find out your MBTI personality type, and then match it to the corresponding Sailor Moon character below. It’s so easy, a meatball head could do it.

ESTP-Sailor Jupiter


7 Haikus For Failed Hip Hop Clothing Lines

FJ560 by Fat Joe Before Rocawear And even before Sean John A lone voice: Fat Joe.

Earl Simmons Signature Collection by DMX I have one question That plagues my mind, DMX Oatmeal tracksuits: why?

FuMan Skeeto by Chris Kirkpatrick Does it pain you, Chris That JT brought sexy back But not the goatee?

Bushi Sport by Busta Rhymes Your contribution To the Rugrats film soundtrack Means this too shall pass.

Vokal by Nelly The Apple Bottom Did not fall far from the tree But the band-aid did. 


The Outsiders: Where Are They Now?

It’s been 46 years since S.E. Hinton’s beloved teen novel, The Outsiders, was published, which would make Ponyboy and the rest of the Greasers well into middle age by now. Thanks to the eye candy-filled 1983 Brat Pack film adaptation (hello, Rob Lowe), the gang made seventh grade English class steamier for multiple generations. But what has the gang been up to since the fateful rumble that (*spoiler alert*) took the lives of two characters? Sadly, nothing gold can stay, as seen by some of these hypotheses.


Last seen: Mourning his BFF, nursing a bad dye job, quoting Robert Frost.

Today: Ponyboy re-joined the track team and [...]