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Cristina Scuccia and Our Enduring Love for Singing Nuns

Last week, Ursuline nun Cristina Scuccia bopped across the set of Italy’s The Voice—her black habit flying and her rather large cross looking a bit like bling—and belted out a pretty convincing rendition of Alicia Keys’ “No One.” Her performance garnered a couple million hits on YouTube and has probably been e-mailed to you by your very nice, Hail-Mary-ing, Internet-capable great-aunt by now. But if not, here you go:

Anyone who has ever watched reality singing shows should have recognized the Susan Boylesque aesthetic. First, we had the close up of Scuccia’s sensible black sneakers (how unlike a pop star!); then a shot of three [...]


A Few of Their Favorite Things

Tonight, NBC will air The Sound of Music Live!, a three-hour rendition starring Carrie Underwood as Maria. In preparation, some favorite things.

LORDE Teenage abandon and bobbing on TV, Snapchats from girlfriends and outselling Britney, Trying my best not to see diamond rings, These are a few of my favorite things.

JEFF BEZOS Buying newspapers and squeezing my dollars, Next-day delivery, efficiency scholars, Not drones at all are you fucking kidding, These are a few of my favorite things.

KRIS JENNER When you take photos or look my direction, Gossip and rumors and general attention, Unhappy daughters and press that they bring, These are a few of my [...]


"What" a Note to Follow "So": Why I Am the Baroness

I’m afraid of babies. I fear babies for a lot of reasons—I'm an only child with a meager extended family; I never babysat in my neighborhood; I was raised by a single mother who was more likely to take me to a dinner party full of adults than an afternoon playdate. This wouldn't be an issue if people weren't always trying to hand me their infants. There's simply an expectation that, if a female of a certain age has her hands free, she wants someone to fill them up with newborn, when really, in my case, a vodka tonic and a plate of sandwiches would be much preferred.

I could [...]