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A Conversation with Philomena Lee

In the ‘50s, Philomena Lee became pregnant outside of marriage at the age of 18. She was sent to an Irish convent to have her baby, and after that, worked off her expenses in the laundry, permitted to see her child for an hour each day. Against her will and as part of a large and secretive program of forced adoption, the nuns gave her young son away when he was three years old. Philomena was able to track down her son—a successful lawyer and former chief legal counsel to the RNC—only after his death. Her search is the subject of the movie Philomena, starring Judi [...]


The Tenth and Final Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

Why not end with Sondheim and Dame Judi Dench? (Please do not interpret the "sad song" choice as me imbuing the natural closure of my summer editorship with Sondheimian import.) Peace out, Hairpin!

Oh, and I love how YouTube commenters on Sondheim videos like to overcome stereotypes about YouTube commenters:

Ummm you do realise – it WAS written to be sung this way. He wrote it with Glynis Johns in mind for the role so he wrote it for her. He deliberately wrote it so that it had short lines so that there would not need to be a lot of breath retention, and with out any long held [...]