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The Long Meadow Poem

I love retrieving    stray balls    Kierkegaard longed to be useful    he didn’t feel    all that useful in his    room    thinking about Christianity    and would walk the streets    wanting to open doors [voices]    and I    feel splendid returning balls to    groups of friends or bounded fields    plus it gives me opportunity to practice    kicking and    throwing though yesterday I threw a ball    probably no more than    ten feet and    my shoulder aches    [applause]

-Hairpin pal Jon Cotner recorded a poem while jogging through Brooklyn's Prospect Park recently, and it's up at The American Reader now, audio and all. Kierkegaard while you jog! I never. [[...]


Friday Open Thread

"These women danced in New York's Tompkins Square Park as a pink radio blasted 'Nobody But You' by South Korean girl-band Wonder Girls. Nobody wore gloves or hats. They were building heat." —Hairpin pal Jon Cotner was out and about last week.




“My elves make goose liver with Tokaji — sweet Hungarian wine. It complements the liver’s saltiness.”

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I walked around Brooklyn and asked people to discuss family recipes.




“Memorable moments. Where do I begin?”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked 20 moms to describe memorable moments of their motherhood. Now it’s time for the dads.


Friday Open Thread

“Jack and his human companion Joan had just finished a three-mile run. As a treat, Joan bought him gelato. Jack’s delight is palpable—he licks every drop.”

–Hairpin pal Jon Cotner was out and about this week. Happy weekend.



Almila, Carolyn & Amelia

Carolyn: “Eating food in my house by myself.”

Amelia: “Watching the ball drop with tourist friends, and making fun of them.”

Almila: “Same old family stuff.”

To celebrate the new year, I walked around Manhattan and asked people to tell me their New Year’s Eve plans.



Daniel & John

John: “When I was young, you had to say ‘trick or treat’ or tell a joke. Now kids just open their bags.”

This year I celebrated Halloween by asking neighbors to tell jokes. In certain towns — such as St. Louis, where I grew up — it’s a tradition to recite jokes on Halloween night.


Dental Date

Bobby & Dianna

Does he eat sweets?

Dianna: “If he wants a cookie, he can have a cookie. I’m not crazy about keeping him from sweets. But there’s no soda.”

Spring is in the air, so Claire and I make a dental date. This slideshow documents our trip to Dr. Young’s Chinatown office.


"A French Bulldog"

“I have 11 brothers and sisters, and 26 nieces and nephews. Let’s hope everyone stays alive and keeps talking with each other." —Jon (bosom friend of the Hairpin) Cotner asks strangers on the street for their holiday wishes, with customarily sweet and sad and funny results.


Jon Cotner on Walking Through Darkness With Strangers

Jon Cotner, of the Jon Cotner-and-Claire Hamilton slideshows on this site, is also a seasoned walk-artist, and he'll be leading a 12-hour overnight walk on New York's Fire Island — from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. — on both August 25 and September 15. The walk, called Island Night, has eight slots per event and costs $20. Claire is official navigator. Tickets are available. [Ed. – both walks are now sold out.]

Jon, are you insane?

Only jackhammers make me insane. Printer problems used to upset me as well, but now I hardly print. I believe Island Night springs from the depths of sanity.

How and where will people [...]