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Proposed Cover Letters For Marina Abramovic's Summer Intern

The office of artist Marina Abramovic is excited to announce our summer internship position.

• Obtain coarse rope, secure it to her Soho loft’s northernmost window. Climb. Draw a star on the pane with your bleeding hands. Wait until she notices. Beg for her forgiveness and a job.

• Mail an LCD picture frame showing Buster inhaling Lucille Bluth's cigarette smoke and then running to the door to exhale outside, on loop. Do not include a note.

• "Dear Marina, in addition to being familiar with Microsoft Office suite, and various social media platforms, I also happen to have the same blood type as you, which could [...]


Afternoon Fiction: Kjerstin Johnson, "Employee Discount"

You smooth your new slacks. The tag says “Express,” but you bought them at TJ Maxx, the one just across from the Barnes & Noble, at the Kirkland mall. You are not allowed to wear jeans at Barnes & Noble, or sneakers, or logos of any sort. This is in the “Welcome to Our Team” employee handbook you received last week. You raise your head when Daniel, the store manager, begins to read over the numbers from yesterday. This is your first morning staff meeting and you do not know what these numbers mean. Some are big, like 27,000. Others are small, like 3.022 percent. The other employees nod or [...]


The Tiny-Home Blogger

If you'd like to write about tiny houses all the time, here is the job for you/me.


Cold Case Identification in Arizona

"There's often an interesting combination of objects. Mostly it is the normal stuff that anyone would take with them on a trip — toothpaste, socks, snacks, water. But then there are these very personal items — photographs of loved ones, handwritten notes from family members, kids' drawings." —Anthropologist Robin Reineke helps identify and contact the families of people who died while trying to cross the US/Mexico border, and she describes what it's like for the BBC News Magazine. Photographer Jonathan Hollingsworth — whose book, 'Left Behind: Life and Death Along the US Border,' is out now — provides images. (And there's a movie tie-in, too.) It's [...]


Living Alone in Indonesia

Nina Bhattacharya just finished teaching English in Indonesia on a Fulbright scholarship, and we emailed about it a few weeks ago.

Edith Zimmerman: Was there a moment when you realized that you were making such a huge change to your life? And then just said, "yeah, I'm doing that"? Essentially — what was it like to decide to do this?

Nina Bhattacharya: Oh god, did I agonize about making the commitment. Even though I had been to Indonesia before, my brain could not process the length of time I would be away. Nine months? It seemed unfathomable. While I publicly announced my decision to go almost immediately, it took many [...]


An Interview With the [Former] Editor of The L Magazine, Jonny Diamond. Or, When to Quit a Job

Edith Zimmerman: Jonny, you just quit your job. I'm going to send you a bunch of questions and you will hopefully respond to them, and I apologize in advance if the questions don't link up with the responses immediately preceding them, but maybe you can use your amazing editorial skill to link them up?

Jonny Diamond: If you'd taken your time, Edith, to do a little research, you'd note that central to my resignation was the desire to do more writing, and less editing. So no, I won't be helping you edit this email Q and A into a flowing, coherent conversation.

Perfect. So, you ran The L Magazine [...]


Ask an Archivist

Although the buzz around Bey these days is about her lip synching prowess and Superbowl hijinks, this An Archivist is far more interested in the recent revelations about her sleek, sexy, state of the art, undoubtedly bootylicious archives.

If only we’d seen this ad a couple of years ago, we might now be worrying about how to digitally migrate all that Destiny’s Child concert footage and what metadata was most appropriate for Blue Ivy’s latest Instagram.

That got us thinking, here at World Archives HQ, about other dream archives jobs out there. I mean, the perkiest perk of working in an archives is that you generally do get to [...]


"This Is NPR. This… Is NPR. This Is N. P. R."

Dream job alert.


Gosh I Hope She's Okay

If you've ever fantasized about running away and joining a winery, but all you can picture is a blurry combination of pretty wood, sunlight, your own hand cupping a grape cluster, the clink of glasses, and lots of hearty, attractive people laughing (and then maybe a little bit of that old viral video of the local news reporter), Serious Eats has a sweet roundup of winemakers describing how they actually got their starts (slide No. 18 brings this particular wood/sunlight vision a little more into focus). Abridged version: Being a white dude who grows up on a vineyard/in a winery seems to be more or less the [...]


A Conversation With Peter Rejcek, Editor of 'The Antarctic Sun'

Peter Rejcek edits Antarctic newspaper The Antarctic Sun, and he was kind enough to answer a number of questions about it over email. Except for one.

Okay. Peter, how did you end up with this job?

It’s a long story, but the short version is that back in 2003 I got an opportunity to work at the South Pole Station, where a new facility was being constructed. My normal profession is journalism, but I took a bit of a detour and worked for a year at the South Pole in a position known as a carpenter helper, which is an entry-level construction job. I built a [...]