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1. I allowed Brian to import the entirety of Eminem’s discography to my hard drive because when he came over he liked to listen — really listen — to it.

"Did you hear what he just did there?" he would ask, pulling his head back mid-kiss.


"Are you sure, though? Like, did you catch the way he continued that rhyme into the next line?"

"Yeah, no, totally. So good!"

"Shh-shhh," he’d say with his hand up, using his index finger to trace the imaginary line of poetry written in the air in front of him. Inevitably he would shake his head. "You know what, hang on, I’m just going [...]


Parents Television Council Is Sad

The Parents Television Council is disappointed that a film featuring the passionate bedroom activities of two consenting adults who love each other, but maybe not forever, that's what the film's about, can now be viewed by under-17s accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. In other, not-so-happy Blue Valentineish news, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. [Via]


Unfriending en Masse

One way to look at this new Pew study of social networking and politics is to look in the other direction. Snooze button, am I right? Just kidding! The real way to look at it is with awe and curiosity. Interesting finding: 38% of social network users have learned through posts that they had a friend's political views all wrong (38%!) and 18% of users have unfriended or unfollowed someone over politics — including disagreeing with them or being worried that something they posted might offend a friend of a friend. Have you done this sort of unfriending? If you need one, here's another reason.


Drivers Are Jerks

The AAA Traffic Safety Culture Index, which just came out, is the result of a survey about drivers' attitudes and behaviors, but it reads like it should be called "The Ways in Which American Drivers Are Hypocritical Jerks." For example:

Most drivers view drowsy driving as a serious threat to their safety and a completely unacceptable behavior; however, nearly 1 in 3 admit to driving when they were so tired that they had a hard time keeping their eyes open at some point in the past month.

Go home and go to bed! But not before you do other terrible things and then tell yourself it's okay because [...]