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7 Classic Film Heroines Who Suck at Personal Safety

Hollywood has given us many strong, smart, heroic female characters. But for every Grace Kelly in High Noon, gunning down one of her husband's enemies and gouging out another's eye with her thumb, we're afflicted with a real dud of a heroine—one who seems to willfully put herself in harm's way. Here are seven female characters who set terrible examples of personal safety. And while we would never presume to tell a real woman who has suffered violence what she did "wrong," we do have some advice for today's screenwriters and directors: Personal safety is often just common sense. Is that too much to ask for in our heroines?

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How to Know If You've Been Raped

A handy checklist based on the federal government’s (FBI, UCMJ) — recently updated — definition of “forcible rape."

1. Are you a man or a woman? -If you are a man, you have not been raped. Stop here. -If you are a woman, and have always been female, proceed to the next question.

2. Were you “raped” by a man or a woman? -By a woman: Whatever. You weren’t raped. -By a man: Great, could be. Keep going.

3. Were you penetrated by a male appendage or an inanimate object? -If it was an object, you’re done. Go get a sandwich or something. [...]