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If You Could Start Any Rumor About Yourself, What Would It Be?

Greetings, my dear readers. After six months editing this humble Drake-themed Toronto-sponsored placenta-covered hair accessory site, I have some truths that I can’t keep from you any longer. Here are some things I haven't been honest about:

I actually know how to do my makeup really well, I’m just too BUSY and IMPORTANT to do so. I’m actually 105 and have been using placenta masks since day one. I’m Haley’s Tyler Durden. I’m Haley. I’m the girl Drake is crying about in all his songs. I definitely sweat like a normal person. I once turned down a date with Donald Glover before he was famous. I'm actually not [...]


The Witch In All Of Us

When I was 12 I cast a spell on my mom so she’d let me to go my friend Seth’s Bar Mitzvah. It was from The Good Spell Book, which I found in the sale bin at Barnes & Noble, and even though a few pages had been ripped out it still had instructions on how to bend someone to your will. I sat on the floor of my uncle’s old bedroom in my grandparents’ house, with a pink ribbon and a candle and some sort of scented oil and made my Intentions clear to whoever was listening. A few weeks later, she relented and said she’d send me [...]


Qreamed Quorn

There’s a blissful moment that I hope you all get the chance to experience. The bliss, that is, and not what leads up to it. It’s a moment when you’ve just dragged your trash out into the hallway, and your kitchen smells like hot Berry Kix, and your stomach is starting to settle again, when you see that bottle of Qream on your counter and think “I’m done.” That your work, whatever its legacy or reception will be, is finished.

But first, to the beginning.

“Anyway GOOD MORNING!” ended the email I got from Edith at 7 a.m. on a recent Monday, in which she alerted me to the existence [...]


The ChocoVine Chocolate Red Wine Cake

There are a few warnings on ChocoVine's label:

1. Consume with in six months of opening.

2. Store in a cool, dark place.

3. Do not mix with acidic drinks!

4. Grape wine with artificial flavors, cream, and artificial colors.

That last one is most definitely a warning.


How Do You Get Shit Done?

This is unoriginal, but I'm a really bad procrastinator. I like spending thirty minutes staring at my pores in the mirror, or spending an hour scrolling to the hundredth page of Tumblr, or spending a day imagining what I'd look like if I shaved my eyebrows off (ok?). But I also crave the feeling of being productive, and can't operate too well without it. A friend recently asked me what I'd deem a perfect day, and nestled among 2-5 breakfast sandwiches, I asserted that I wanted a block of 90 minutes where I would put music on and get things done—clean my bathroom, get to inbox zero, update my [...]


The Hairpin Halloween Advent Calendar: Halloween Rituals

It's our firmly held belief that Halloween is far more important than Christmas, and therefore more deserving of a countdown calendar. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year: there are parties and costumes and terrifying things like Martha Stewart, and candy and then more candy and then even more candy, and your ability to consume that much candy is a marvelous thing to behold.

So, in celebration of the Highest of High Holidays, we're bringing back our Halloween Advent Calendar. We'll post one or two Halloween-y pieces a day in the 13 days leading up to October 31. Why 13 days? Because 13 is [...]


Kahlúa Gingerbread … Gingerbread

I know. It's obvious. But it's holiday time, and I wanted to decorate some cookies. And I have to say, if you decide to get one egregiously holiday-themed product this year, this is not a bad one to choose (especially compared to Pringles Peppermint or whatever). Straight, it tastes a bit like sweet coffee made with ashes, but mix in some hot milk and by golly you got a nog goin'!

Plus, of all the ridiculous liquors I've gotten, this one seems to make the most sense, baking-wise. Why bother with nutmeg and cinnamon and actual ginger when you can just use a dollop of Kahlúa Gingerbread? Cut your prep [...]


How Have You Made Yourself Proud This Year?

Starting the Women of Our Year series up again made me think: why are we so reluctant to celebrate ourselves? We talked about impostor syndrome last month, and pretty much came up with the answer— people, especially women, are taught to downplay their accomplishments, to be self-deprecating and modest, to eschew any sort of praise. Well, that's bullshit, so this month we're doing the opposite. I asked a group of women: how are you the woman of your year? It was deeply inspired by Haley, as everything good in this world is, so I'll let her explain it more.

I went to the Bullish [...]


How to Enjoy Art as a Human Being

Start consuming art. Consume everything you can. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, that’s all subjective anyway. Visit museums. Look at every painting, every artifact. Don’t go anywhere without new music on your iPhone or in your car. Get a Netflix subscription. Buy the Criterion Collection. Go to the ballet and cry.

Start to have opinions. Tell everyone you’re preferring J. Cole’s new work and that Yeezus left you wanting. Discover that there is actually "lesser work" of the Beatles, and that you like it more than the White Album. Don’t be ashamed of liking Salvador Dali, even though lots of people seem to think that’s pedestrian. Get [...]


Lemon Cookies With Bubblegum Vodka Glaze

Have you ever had a realization, usually sparked by something small, that nearly reduces you to tears over how incredible humans are? That the existence of some bizarre thing we've created proves how silly and creative and purely beautiful we are? This happens to me a lot. I watch a YouTube video of a man playing clarinet while covered in bees, or listen to a song about thrift shopping, or look at the photo my dad texted me of his garden gnome, and I cry because humans are so weird. All of us. We are entirely united in our weirdness.

This recently happened to me while thinking about Bubblegum Vodka.