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Anthony Lane Profiles James Franco

"Would it be construed as trespass, therefore, to state that Johansson looks tellingly radiant in the flesh? Mind you, she rarely looks unradiant, so it’s hard to say whether her condition [pregnancy] has made a difference." —The New Yorker, March 2014.

Poised on the edge of adulthood, James Franco is somehow all things at once, hard and soft, weathered and barely able to grow a beard, famous but quotidian, like a dumpling. Sitting by the fireplace in the Bowery Hotel and listening to the scruffy actor/ writer/ poet/ teacher/ artist/ intellectual provide meta commentary on his own celebrity, the intense glow on his face accents the sharp cheekbones that have [...]


How to Get Over Your James Franco Complex

So now James Franco has a Best Actor nomination. And if he wins, he’ll accept the award at this year’s Oscars, which he's hosting. Looks like we need to talk.

There are some people (this one) who have heard other people (you all) complaining about James Franco with increasing frequency. Calling all of the past year's balls-out Francofest coverage “hype.”

Yes, James Franco was once a mere actor, but then he started adding additional professions like they were Pinkberry toppings: Author. Soap opera star. Carob chips. Director. Art exhibition curator. Cap’n Crunch. Short filmmaker. Gummi bears. Creative writing student. Creative writing instructor. Buddy of Gary Shteyngart. Pal of Marina [...]


The Franco LaBeouf Pie


Previously: The Unfollowed Pie

Ann Friedman can't see you with this paper bag over her head.


You Haven't Seen the Last of James Franco

James Franco tweeted an audio clip of him singing during an Oscars rehearsal, and it might actually reveal him to be a very normal person? He croons and warbles! He laughs! There's a random Katy Perry anecdote! It seems like James Franco is working really hard! But he still cannot sing very well… but it doesn't matter because he's being a good sport about it!

(I think? Unless this is just some kind of arty James Franco trick?)