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In Case of Emergency

Hello. Since you’re looking at the emergency contact list on my phone, I must be in pretty rough shape—thanks for helping! Not to be a complete pain (and if it appears that I am in excruciating pain please skip to number seven), but following the guidelines below will ensure the best outcome possible.

1. If I am unconscious because of an accident, please call my mother (“Mom”). She has been expecting this phone call for years. If she does not answer, please call my boyfriend (“Andrew”).

2. If I am passed out in a bar and you found my phone because we were flirting or exchanging numbers when I lost [...]


Siri, Are You a Real Girl?

"Behind this groundbreaking technology there is a real woman. While the ever-secretive Apple has never identified her, all signs indicate that the original voice of Siri in the United States is a voiceover actor who laid down recordings for a client eight years ago. She had no idea she'd someday be speaking to more than 100 million people through a not-yet-invented phone.

Her name is Susan Bennett and she lives in suburban Atlanta."

-Siri's real identity is revealed, although she's still being cagey when you ask. Is this how the movie ends? [CNN]


Grab Bag: Four Tet, iPhone Tricks, Prince Harry

If you haven't been picking up the tracks that Four Tet — a.k.a. ingenious British electronic musician Kieran Hebden — has been releasing on vinyl the past year or so, you can get them all now (legally, ahem), together, on his new album, Pink, via Boomkat or Bleep. The album has a couple new songs, too, which you can also hear here. (And: it is so good.) Here's a video for "Pyramids," my personal favorite on the eight-track album.

In entirely unrelated news: 10 Tips and Tricks Every iPhone and iPad User Should Know.

And if you don't already know about the wonderful Tumblr that [...]


Feel Free to Drop Your Phone in the Toilet Now

What is this, some kind of sorcery? How do you hear through the ear part? (Ear part = industry term, babe.) Where do you get this "done," assuming this is the sort of thing that "gets done" to your phone? And so on, forever. Also, that bikini top.


The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

Let’s start with some statistics.

Cost of the average American wedding in 2012 = $27,000 (not including Honeymoon).

Cost of the average New York wedding = $65,000.

Median U.S. income = $45,000.

Dollars generated by the wedding industry every year = $30 billion.

That includes dresses, elaborate engagement photos, groomsmen gifts, monogrammed handkerchiefs, signature cocktails, bachelorette parties. The soul/love/capital crushing process has been dubbed the “wedding industrial complex,” a cold term that connotes just how effectively capitalism has insinuated itself in an institution supposedly characterized by love and other priceless emotions.

The wedding industrial complex is not without its detractors: Jezebel has entire category devoted to deriding it [...]


Shame the Children

In the fatherly fashion do – and don't – taking social media by storm, Utah dad Scott Mackintosh turned a pair of his own jeans into short-shorts to demonstrate his unhappiness with his teenaged daughter's skimpy wardrobe.

"I heard my wife ask our daughter if she would please change into some longer shorts before leaving [for dinner]. She said NO!" Mackintosh wrote on his wife's blogBecky Mack's Blog of Mild Chaos.

"Instead of turning her response and disrespectful attitude into a major battle, I decided to make a 'small' statement on how her short-shorts maybe aren't as 'cute' as she thinks!"


Mom of 30-Year-Old Man Spends [...]


The History of the Cellphone

Year: 2001 Model: Nokia 5510

Characteristics: Predictive text, Bluetooth compatible, features first-of-its-kind music player.

User Profile: 17-year-old high school graduate waiting for college to start. Went through high school as That Girl Who Is Always Saying "You guys, I have to get home by 12. Seriously though. It's 11:45 p.m. My parents are going to murder me. Jon Benet-style. Guys, seriously. I have church tomorrow. Seriously." Upon high school graduation, this model was used as both a reward and a ploy to ensure 17-year-old girl keeps in touch with her parents while away at college.

Memory: Device was used for a month and a half period. During this time, the [...]


Instagrams from a Nigerian Wedding

At the BBC, a set of colorful, beautiful iPhone photos taken at Nigerian weddings, all from documentary photographer Glenna Gordon, who says that the phone makes her subjects feel less intimidated than a regular camera would. Fun fact about Nigerian weddings: all the bride's friends wear one color, and the groom's friends wear another. Rumble-ready, the way a wedding should be.


Tonight's Full Moon

Last weekend for whatever reason I decided to check my horoscope on AstrologyZone, which can sometimes be entertaining even if you don't buy into any of it, mostly because Susan Miller — AZ's proprietress — writes with such thoughtful and breathless conviction, it's amazing. Anyway, I lost my iPhone a few weeks ago (sorry to everyone I know; this has been the only thing I've talked about since), and then in the horoscope it said that March would be a month in which it'd be easy to lose valuable possessions, such as smartphones. What! Oh my god. *faints* And then she said that the full moon on [...]


Introducing the New and Improved Juicebox

The Juicebox is a simple, elegant mobile phone charging station that lets users juice up their iPhones, Androids, or BlackBerries in public venues… For a flat fee, typically of $1 or $2 depending on the venue, users gain access to one of seven color-coded lockers that glow pink when charging and green when charged.

Possible slogans:

Don't be a Juicebox, Use Juicebox

This Ain't Your Juicebox's Juicebox

The Only Juicebox You'll Ever Need