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"It was amazing* being able to wear yoga pants without underwear"

A woman named Julie Sygiel just Kickstarted $159,000 for yoga pants with a built-in panty liner that will free women the world over (who can afford $128 yoga pants) from the "minefield of awkwardness [involving] panty lines, bunching, chafing, wedgies and menstrual mishaps." Sygiel cautions, perhaps unnecessarily, that "the underwear aren't meant to replace tampons or pads."

"I'm always surprised to see women in class wearing panties," adds a "yoga enthusiast" quoted in this article, who describes panty lines in yoga class as "taboo."

Well. Lil Jon begs to differ and so. do. I.  [DNAInfo]


*exactly what it sounds like


Sliced Bread

Sourdough: Wheat’s gone. Rye: I can’t believe it. Sourdough: Sliced by some heartless machine. Rye: What are we going to do? Bagel: It’s probably not so bad. Rye: Shut up, Bagel.


Brian: What happened to that bread? Aaron: I just made a little machine to cut it for me. B: What? A: It saves a few seconds. B: Oh my god! A: What? B: Holy shit, Aaron! Everyone said you were slow — A: Really? B: But look at this! A: It’s not a big — B: It’s amazing! A: I guess — B: I’m sorry, Aaron. A: Sorry? For what? B: You know I’m going [...]


How Gel Nail Polish Changed Manicures

I like to paint my nails. Crazy colors, glitter, rhinestones, I'm into all of it. And knowing this, starting about two years ago, certain friends of mine who have began pushing me to try this new kind of nail polish they were in love with: gel nail polish. By now you've heard of this. Gel nail polish is applied at the salon where they "set" the polish under a UV light. You stick your wet nails into a glowing blue light box and a few minutes later, voila, your nail polish is perfectly dry and hardened.

When converts talk to you about gel nail polish, they say [...]



It's hard to beat The Daily What's description of this "Life-Altering Spray Nozzle of the Day," so until tomorrow's life-altering spray nozzle (LASN) shows up, enjoy this one-minute demo of "Spray" the LASN of Monday, December 12. This LASN is still a prototype, but it has its own website, and Wired has a little bit more information.


"The Marvelous Talking-Machine"

The "Euphonia," an 1845 invention by Joseph Faber, used foot pedals and a keyboard to produce a "weird, ghostly monotone" of a voice (in any European language) through a suspended mannequin-like head. If this suspended mannequin-like head could talk… (More here, though be warned that Faber's post-Euphonia trajectory was rather bleak.)


Can You Hear Me Now?

Gloves that translate sign language into audible speech! How many years until they make some that look like this, though?


Feel Free to Drop Your Phone in the Toilet Now

What is this, some kind of sorcery? How do you hear through the ear part? (Ear part = industry term, babe.) Where do you get this "done," assuming this is the sort of thing that "gets done" to your phone? And so on, forever. Also, that bikini top.


Attention Sloppy Nail Polishers

Keeping nail polish off your skin is definitely the most incredible of many things you can do with this stuff I got the other day. Wonder if it works on eyelids? Chill! I'm just wondering.


Phone Apps Someone Who Knows How to Make Phone Apps Ought to Make

I'm generally pretty disappointed by the apps I download for my little android phone. I get them, I wait for them to fundamentally change my life, I feel crushing remorse, I delete them and go eat some pretzels. It’s like my relationship with email. I’ve been waiting for an email since the beginning of emails that’s like “Jim, you are wonderful, and the very thought of you makes me feel great. Let’s move to a cabin in the Maine woods and never talk to anyone ever again.” I still haven’t gotten this email. Every day there is a chance I will get this email. Just like every time I [...]


Noisier Airports, Please?

Someone figured out how to make air travel even more unbearable and there aren't even babies involved. (Sorry, babies.) [via]