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Status Update, I'm Sober: Talking to Belle, Recovering Heroin Addict and "Junkie of Instagram"

In this series, people in recovery speak about the ways in which they have used social media as a tool. This month’s interview is with “Belle,” a mid-twenties former college student working to get clean against an enduring pill and heroin addiction. Belle is a member of the group Vice dubbed “junkies of Instagram,” a collection of drug users who document their lives and habits on the photo-sharing site.

Belle is softspoken and polite; she asked if she could smoke during our interview, even though we were connected via Skype. What Vice and The Daily Mail missed, she said, is that drug users are [...]


Instagrams from a Nigerian Wedding

At the BBC, a set of colorful, beautiful iPhone photos taken at Nigerian weddings, all from documentary photographer Glenna Gordon, who says that the phone makes her subjects feel less intimidated than a regular camera would. Fun fact about Nigerian weddings: all the bride's friends wear one color, and the groom's friends wear another. Rumble-ready, the way a wedding should be.


"I'm Not A Human, I'm A Sim"

In case you're not aware, The Sims 3 is the most recent entry in the immensely popular video game series that allows users to create and control virtual people. For the casual gamer, the concept is intriguing enough to act as an enjoyable waste of time, but for teens (and, who am I kidding, grown-ass men and women) who are simultaneously attempting to define their own lives, it's an opportunity to build the perfect version of yourself. The perfect versions of your friends. The perfect versions of…your lovers.

"We are so lucky to have been raise amongst catalogs," said Meg (Parker Posey) in Best In Show of her childhood memorizing and ordering exclusively from the J. [...]


Brief Talks With Men in Bars: The Instagram Enthusiast

The Instagram Enthusiast transmits a curious mix of tech obsession and humble earnestness. He loves both the act and the idea of photography, the framing, the steadying stance, the toyish click programmed into the Instagram camera. Yet the Instagram app also allows his amateur passions to retain their youthful naivete. Not quite a photographer, but not impervious to the beauty of the everyday, the IE can’t sit until every object in his periphery has undergone mock-vintage retouching and been distributed to each of his social networking accounts.

This penchant for things that look old seeps into various sections of the IE's life: He's a romantic, and you shouldn't be surprised [...]


Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2013

Best Thing I Transported in a Suitcase This Year: 10 lbs of frozen halibut

Best Thing I Transported in the Back Seat of My Car This Year: One large tumbleweed

Best Thing a Classic Sci-fi Actor Called Me This Year: “Ann Freedom”

Best Thing I Overheard at a Wedding This Year: "He's got moves no grandpa should have.”


500 Days Alone In: The World

Marc Escañuelas is currently traveling around the world. 

Edith Zimmerman: Marc, you are traveling around the world alone for 500 days. What! How did you get into this incredible situation?

Marc Escañuelas: I got on a plane! A Taiwanese plane that was mostly empty so I got a whole row to myself. In all seriousness, nothing about this trip was planned. I've been traveling on and off for several years but never longer than a few months. I turned 30 at the end of 2011 and just felt kinda stuck and decided I needed/wanted a reboot.

What did you leave behind?

Pretty much everything including my connection to reality. [...]


Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2012

The Best Thing I Dislocated This Year: My shoulder.

The Best Thing I Scotch-Guarded This Year: My new area rug. (ADULTHOOD!)

The Best Thing I Instagrammed This Year (According To Likes): Said rug.

The Best Thing I Instagrammed This Year (According To Me): Elaborate scene of naked Barbie orgy around a pitcher of bloody Marys. 


Writer Unable to Use Important Words Correctly

Giving the Ross Douthat "Daughter Theory" column a run for its idiocy money is this other Times piece, written from deep inside a juice-cleansed Butt of Privilege. Here is exhibit #1:

Instagram — the highest achievement yet in social-media voyeurism — presents a new form of torture.

A new form of torture! Kids grow up so fast these days. Here are some other, older forms of torture that have the potent lexical advantage of being real: solitary confinement, incommunicado detention, the denial of medical treatment, the denial of safe abortion and post-abortion care, the [...]


The #DreamLover Pie

Previously: The Gateway Pie

Ann Friedman and Jessica Guilfoyle creeping your feed and saying "oh my god" in unison.


No Longer Too Cool for School

Finally! Instagram joins us on the Internet.