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Hummus Day Returns

Hummus Day is here again. The holiday that last year had only 27 Facebook supporters now has 1,363, and this time around, they're encouraging you to also enjoy it for breakfast, Tweet hummus-themed thoughts, and post pictures of your hummus-related experiences on Instagram (#hummusday).

And in case you don't know the Hummus Day backstory, it's the first Monday after the first full moon in May, which is also known as the Hummus Moon due to its size and color.

But mostly: Here's that excellent-looking Food52 hummus recipe.


The Queen of the Diets Is…

And the low-glycemic diet takes the cake. And that cake is made mostly of spinach and chickpeas, and has a very thin almond crust.

(Here's more info on the glycemic index, if you're interested.)

See also: Hummus Day.


The Hummuses of Brooklyn

Not a children's story about talking food containers or a trendy family that changed its name, The Hummuses of Brooklyn is a short and stupid list of the ones readily available to me, in order.

7. Trader Joe's This is not so bad, but it's also not so good. Gritty and knockoff-ish, it tastes like they scrimped on some key ingredient. Which might be because their regular kind is lighter and less creamy than the current average, except their creamy kind isn't so great, either, although I might have eaten enough of the Cilantro & Jalapeno variety that I ruined it for myself.

6. Tribe Tribe is so boring that [...]


Happy Falafel Day

From the makers of Hummus Day comes … Falafel Day, today, this second Tuesday in June. "Should be awesome, much better than Hummus Day," says organizer Ben Lang, unexpectedly throwing Hummus Day under the bus. And: "People are getting very excited!" As well they should be — the official Falafel Day website has many ideas for better incorporating falafel into your life today and every day, including recipes and information about what falafel is. (Plus here's a Mark Bittman recipe from a few years ago, and here's one that doesn't require frying.)

I'm more of a hummus girl myself, but what are you [...]


Have Your Hummus and Eat It Too

"When was the last time you made your own hummus? Maybe it was yesterday. Maybe it was an hour ago." —Mostly vegan writer Gena Hamshaw asks the important questions while making better hummus, and it looks so good. Also: happy almost-one-third birthday to Hummus Day!


Happy Hummus Day

Today, May 15, is Hummus Day, a holiday that as of this morning has 27 fans on Facebook. How will you celebrate? Hummus piñata? Here are a few Hummus Day dot com recipes, here's a popular Gourmet one from 1994 (by way of Epicurious), here's one from Mark Bittman's The Best Recipes in the World (ditto), here's one that requires an overnight commitment, and here's Serious Eats' low-key ode to homemade tahini. Turns out I have a can of chickpeas in the back of the cupboard, a few tablespoons of bottled lemon juice left, and no fresh garlic but a refrigerated and suspicious jar of minced [...]