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The Weirdest Beauty Tips I Learned From My Mom

Looking at old pictures of my mother is like looking through a really fancy mirror. She’s me, just better. Fuller hair, better clothes, a statuesque figure and that ever-warm twinkle still recognizable today. “Your mother, she’s still a good-looking woman,” is something my dad often says.

Aside from her always flawless seventies wardrobe which is, of course, long gone, I’m always on her about beauty tips. Being supremely lazy in the department myself, I assumed her undulating waves were just happy accidents. Not so. Here, I present the weirdest things my mom did for beauty. Not that I’d ever consider doing them myself.

1. Sleep with your rollers. [...]


Friday Bargain Bin Presents: Presents

Monogrammed Folded Book Sculpture, $35 You could order four and make an SMDH sculpture.


Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

1. I spent most of college and grad school slowly accumulating a wardrobe for my career. This led to my having a lot of really excellent pencil skirts, blazers, sensible shoes, blouses, work-y dresses, etc… I have finally found a job that I love but the department I work in is CASUAL. As in, I look like a highfalutin Fancy Pants in dark jeans, a blouse and a cardigan.

I hate opening my closet every morning and bypassing all my nice clothes for things I'd normally just wear bumming around the house but also I don't want to stick out like a sore, overdressed thumb. Any tips on [...]


Friday Bargain Bin: Winter Is Here

Luxe Faux Fur Wine Bag, $4.95 (was $12) If you think YOU'RE cold in this weather, imagine how your wine feels. 


Hot Beauty Tip: Replace All Your Soap With Luxurious Cascades of Bacterial Mist

We know all about the no-shampoo life; the New York Times does us one better by spending a month forgoing normal hygiene while testing out AO+ Refreshing Cosmetic Mist, a bottled-bacteria product conceived when its founder looked at horses and "wondered whether the animals managed their sweat by engaging in dirt bathing." It gets dark for a minute:

People began asking if I’d “done something new” with my hair, which turned a full shade darker for being coated in oil that my scalp wouldn’t stop producing. I slept with a towel over my pillow and found myself avoiding parties and public events. Mortified by my body [...]


Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

This is the closest we're ever gonna get to a haul video, y'all. Enjoy it!

Already, I have a huge caveat: this question is forcing me to ignore the giant, currently disheveled makeup case that has single-handedly saved my bathroom from ruin. When I first got it, I thought I'd probably dip into it every day, but it's turned out to serve more as a storage unit for samples, doubles, and things I don't use that often.

Here's a brief summary of what you'll find in there: glittery crap, fake eyelashes, off-season shades of foundation, aubergine and neon pink lipsticks, brushes galore, broken/messy stuff [...]


Friday Bargain Bin: The B Stands For…

Heart It Initial Necklace, $9.99 (was $16) Bertha, Dorcas, Hester, Kitty, Mildred, Nancy, and Rhoda: you're in luck. The rest of you? Better luck next sale. 


A Girl's Education in Little House in the Big Woods

It was so hard to be good all the time, every day, for a whole year. "You mustn't tease the children, Peter," Aunt Eliza said. Ma said, "Laura, aren't you going to let the other girls hold your doll?" She meant, "Little girls must not be so selfish."


"So you see, Laura and Mary," Pa said, "you may find it hard to be good, but you should be glad that it isn't as hard to be good now as it was when Grandpa was a boy."

"Did little girls have to be as good as that?" Laura asked, and Ma said:

"It was harder [...]


Friday Bargain Bin: Super Bowl Weekend

Nike Touchdown Tees, $29 (were $45) My team is all sold out. JUST KIDDING, I DO NOT HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM. WHAT!? Also, this is not going to be Super Bowl-themed. That was almost a total lie, except for the fact that this is posting on the last weekday before the Super Bowl, and I found this one football-related item which doesn't really count seeing as how the final teams' shirts aren't even available.


Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

1. I want a new hairstyle. Like, the newest. I want, for once in my life, to be on the cutting edge! But I kind of missed the ombré boat and I've never been any good at predicting trends. Do you know what's coming next?

It's important to remember that nothing is ever truly new. Any "new" hairstyle is just a reworking of something that's been done before because humans have been here for wayyy too long. There were girls in my high school who did ombré on their hair, only they used dye AND bleach, rather than just achieving the gradation with highlights. Does anyone remember this? They were [...]