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Close-Reading a Controversial List, Take 2

Here there be third season spoilers, continue at your own risk.

Many people seemed to be somewhat taken aback by Edith Zimmerman's aesthetic choices in her recent ranking of the top 26 hottest men in the popular HBO drama Game of Thrones. The word "trolling" was mentioned. Some felt strongly that Gendry should have done better than 21st place. Others were horrified to see Bad Dad Tywin Lannister in a top 10 spot. And, of course, there were those who saw Ned Stark in an even more prominent position than he now enjoys on the walls of King's Landing, tilted their heads with bemusement, and said, "her?"

Edith is [...]


The Hot Ticket

Do you find yourself unable to resist the charms of Mitt Romney? Does your stomach sour at the thought of being forced to cuddle with Hillary Clinton? You're not alone, says a new study done in Sweden and Finland. The research showed that right-wing politicians were generally considered to be more attractive than their left-wing counterparts. What's more, being attractive translated into receiving more votes during elections.

So why are all the Republicans hotties and the Democrats notties? Well, it turns out being gorgeous makes you a terrible person. One of the researchers explains, "'People who are seen or consider themselves to be beautiful tend to be more [...]


The 13 Dwarves of "The Hobbit," Force-Ranked for Hotness

1. Thorin Oakenshield 2. Kili 3. Fili

End of list.

Thorin talks to GQ here. He does Bikram, he's 6'1. No biggie.


Ranking US Cities By Hotness

Travel + Leisure just published its annual reader-chosen "America's Favorite Cities," which this year ranks metropolitan areas in categories including physical attractiveness and far less important ones like weather, culture, food, and shopping.


Are You Good-Girl Hot, Bad-Girl Hot, or The Antichrist?

1. You spot a cutie at a bar, and the pleasure center of your brain instantly lights up. You: a. Stroll right up to him and whisper, "Need a drink?" when his is clearly full. b. Stay put until he finally chats with a mutual friend, then say hi. c. Rouse the attention of the bar patrons with a blaze of fire and teach them that Jesus Christ never walked the earth but was simply a mythological figure.

2. When it comes to picking up guys, who is your celebrity role model? a. Beyoncé. She doesn’t hold back from working her assets. b. Natalie Portman. She’s sexy in a smart, elegant way. c. [...]