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Happy 15% Off Seamless Day

Well, today you can take 15% off your next Seamless order, until 3 a.m. tomorrow morning (use code gimme15). Or if you order from Seamless more than once a day, maybe it'll be your next-next order. There must be some kind of cocktail of reasons for why certain people spend so much time looking at Seamless menus online. Do other people do this, too? The main reason I used to leave my house was to buy things I'd then bring back and consume, but Seamless eliminates even this need. Thank you, Seamless. Seamless taught me. Seamless taught me.


April 22

If there is such a thing, perhaps it is this. Well, no, it is not, but Happy Earth Day anyway; maybe celebrate with Burkhard Bilger's amazing article about Mars. ("I heard talk of a survey, perhaps apocryphal, which asked astronauts if they’d go to Mars on a one-way trip. Three-quarters supposedly said yes." [!])


Thursday, March 14: Pope, Reader, Higgs, Pi

We've gained a new pope, but will be losing Google Reader. They also found a Higgs Boson, apparently. And it is Pi Day.


Esther C. Werdiger's Illustrated Hamentaschen Recipe

Purim begins at sunset on Saturday — make some Hamentaschen!


Hummus Day Returns

Hummus Day is here again. The holiday that last year had only 27 Facebook supporters now has 1,363, and this time around, they're encouraging you to also enjoy it for breakfast, Tweet hummus-themed thoughts, and post pictures of your hummus-related experiences on Instagram (#hummusday).

And in case you don't know the Hummus Day backstory, it's the first Monday after the first full moon in May, which is also known as the Hummus Moon due to its size and color.

But mostly: Here's that excellent-looking Food52 hummus recipe.


April 16

Cheap blogging trick No. 43jF8p: When in doubt, look up ridiculous national holidays. For instance, today it's National Eggs Benedict Day ("a day to enjoy eggs with hollandaise sauce, canadian bacon and english muffins"), and it's National Stress Awareness Day, too (which falls on the "First Workday After Income Taxes Are Due"). There's probably a way to celebrate the two hand in hand, although "Stress Awareness Day" actually seems a little counter-productive. (Think of all that's going wrong day; list what you're messing up day.) But then it's also One Day Without Shoes day.

Anyway, here's what appears to be a nice Eggs Benedict recipe. Plus they're free [...]


Ress O'Peighs

Epicurious has a cute little guide to Irish-themed St. Patrick's Day recipes, if you like to look at pictures of breakfasts. (And beyond: I'm feeling this buttered cabbage.) Now I'm fondly recalling the Potato Colada.


Let's Have a Michelada

Who's invited to your Cinco de Mayo party?

Previously: The Backyard BBQ Michelada.

Also, unrelated: Prom now costs eleven hundred dollars.


Or Would They

No one would deny the positive benefits of happiness

Happy International Happiness Day.


Happy National Plan a Solo Vacation Day

Today is apparently National Plan a Solo Vacation Day, which I am not making up, although someone is, and one of the outlets that's celebrating is the company FinderCodes, which has a nice Travel Lost and Found Kit to help keep track of your stuff.

Their tips for planning a solo vacation include 1) leave your gadgets at home, 2) try new things, 3) ask locals for tips, 4) Google ahead to look for free and cheap events/activities, and 5) to "Have at least 2 copies of your driver’s license and passport, keeping them in separate places to ensure you always have a copy. Give a family member [...]