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First Date Mad Libs

Hallie Bateman is a freelance illustrator in Brooklyn and her twitter is @hallithbates.


Adventures With Gym Man

Story by Jane Hu, illustrations by Hallie Bateman.

Based on very true events.


How Have You Made Yourself Proud This Year?

Starting the Women of Our Year series up again made me think: why are we so reluctant to celebrate ourselves? We talked about impostor syndrome last month, and pretty much came up with the answer— people, especially women, are taught to downplay their accomplishments, to be self-deprecating and modest, to eschew any sort of praise. Well, that's bullshit, so this month we're doing the opposite. I asked a group of women: how are you the woman of your year? It was deeply inspired by Haley, as everything good in this world is, so I'll let her explain it more.

I went to the Bullish [...]


Coming to Terms With Your Happiness



Recurring Arrival Delusion An endless thought-loop, regardless of how many times it is proven incorrect, dedicated to the idea that each and every train in the city is running perfectly fine—except for yours. Your train must be re-routed today. Broken. Driven into the sea. Where is it? It is definitely not here. There goes the F. And another. But your train will not be coming today. Why are you still standing there?