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#TBT: The Hairpin as "A Weapon Against Male Speech"

Thanks to our pal Silvia for pointing out this wildly important historical anecdote from Mary Beard's winter lecture for the London Review of Books, entitled "The Public Voice of Women," which Jia blurbed here back in February and which you should go read in full immediately:

One particularly bloody anecdote vividly exposes the unresolved gender wars that lay just below the surface of ancient public life and speaking. In the course of the Roman civil wars that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar, Marcus Tullius Cicero – the most powerful public speaker and debater in the Roman world, ever – was lynched. The hit-squad [...]


Excuse Me, Is That a Justin Bieber in Your Hair?

BREAKING NEWS! According to People, "A lock of [Justin Bieber's] freshly-chopped tresses, which he’d gifted to Ellen DeGeneres in a signed box the day after his much-buzzed-about cut, was put to auction on eBay last week, and today, sold for a whopping $40,668."

It sucks that none of us won this auction. (Unless you did, in which case, MEGACONGRATS!) But lets look on the bright side, there are still plenty of opportunities to invest in Bieber hair-related items. For instance, how charming are these Justin Bieber Hairpins? At just $8, they're a terrific value, and if you're willing to put up the full $40,668 then you can own [...]


The Hairpin Sign

"Hold up two fingers on the left hand (peace sign) and slide it in your hair like a barrette." —Fun was had at the Hairpin meetup in LA last night! (Instructions courtesy Katie Walsh, right; photo by Eric Spiegelman.)



Happy Lady Porn Day, again:

As to the objects used by women, both married and unmarried, for the purpose of masturbation … the commonest object is the woman’s most handy implement, the hairpin or hatpin. We have often had to remove hairpins and hatpins from the female bladder and vagina.

Corks, ointment jars, pocket knives, rubber balls, paraffin candles, pessaries, perfume bottles, spoons, billiard balls, apples, carrots, etc. etc. are a few of the things which the poor girls and women use to induce an orgasm…

Are you listening, people who have never orgasmed? Some really solid ideas here.

[Many thanks to Jennifer.]


The Many Uses of the Hairpin

"[H]airpins are the best cherry pitters around, at least if you’re only doing a pie’s worth or so. They also work pretty well on ripe olives (they’re not sturdy enough for use on green olives) and for hulling strawberries." —Oh, that's a good tip! [Via]


Highlights From, a Hair Forum

If you visit instead of you can join a live chat about hair products and other things.