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The Corn and Cheese Croissant

How did you get the idea to write this book? I was coming home after being out for a drink with a friend girlfriend and suddenly I felt like junk food. So I bought a bag of Cheetos. It is a terribly delicious snacks of cheese covered with a powder that makes you and fluorescent orange sticks everywhere. We have you in Italy?

The haiku poet Beth Griffenhagen Google- Translated an interview.


More Haiku for the Single Girl

Remember Haiku for the Single Girl, the book with the amazing title? It's now an actual book-book, with a trailer, a Tumblr, a release party (tonight in Brooklyn), and an interview with the author.

Want to make more haikus?

Half-broken toilet, Broken for days. Weeks, in fact. Oh well, it's all good.


Haiku for the Single Girl

I know nothing about this book, but

Wanna meet up just For drinks? I'm not that hungry From my late, huge lunch.