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"Clear Speech Takes Courage"

There were plenty of difficult things to watch and read and digest this weekend, in the wake of the UCSB shooting and the horrifying ideology that apparently motivated the attack; Richard Martinez's response to his 20-year-old son Christopher Michael-Martinez's preventable death is particularly gut-wrenching. (Watch it here, if you'd like.) Adam Gopnik's short essay on "the war against euphemism" gets at the bravery behind Martinez's speech:

Martinez’s brave words put me in mind of a simple point, which I failed to make in a long essay about language this week, or didn’t make strongly enough. The war against euphemism and cliché matters not because we [...]


"The History of Armed Women Is the History of American Women": Cathryne Czubek's A Girl and a Gun

Cathryne Czubek spent 10 years working on her documentary A Girl and a Gun, which opened last week in select theaters across the country. (It's also available on demand and through iTunes.) In the film, she examines how firearms affect women’s lives, speaking to one of the first female combat Marines, a young woman who was paralyzed by a stray bullet, a ponytailed world champion skeet shooter, and more. I sat down to talk with her recently.

EG: How did you come to the world of women and guns as a topic?

CZ: It started in 2001. I was working at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, and I [...]


"The point is will you be my Valentine or I'll nail you yet."

The only thing more satisfying than spending time with someone you love on Valentine's Day is sending people you like links to weird vintage Valentines during the afternoon on the day before. Right? Sure. There's a good one about rashes. (Elsewhere there are duct-tape roses.) [Via]


How Do You Like Your Picnics? Loud!

This very long, totally serene picnic has confirmed my suspicion that this is how men choose to spend their time when left completely to their own devices.

Also what happens to the bullets that you fire straight up into the air? Don't they come right back down and KILL YOU?



Half of Accidental Child Gun Deaths Go Uncounted

At the New York Times, the saddest piece: about the severe underreporting of accidental child gun deaths, and the way these incorrect statistics are deployed to support pro-gun positions, such as the opposition of safe storage laws, which less than 20 states currently have in place.

Compiling a complete census of accidental gun deaths of children is difficult, because most states do not consider death certificate data a matter of public record. In a handful of states, however, the information is publicly available. [...] The Times sought to identify every accidental firearm death of a child age 14 and under in Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina [...]


A Brief Addendum to Our Craigslist Wedding Story

Lindsey Grad and Nick Hassell published their story about a blind Craigslist wedding date on The Hairpin earlier today. It's a lovely account, but there was one moment that rightfully left people wondering: Nick had been in a sling that day because, he wrote rather casually, "I had recently been shot. With a shotgun. At close range. But that is a story for another day." I asked him to send along the background at his convenience, and he did:

I was shot on December 29, 2007. Football fans might recall that date as the same evening the Patriots finished their perfect regular season with a win over the [...]


The Chillest Buck in the Herd

As someone whose apartment is kind of "antler chic," when I first saw this photo from a new coffe table book of women being around guns, I thought "COOL! I wonder how they trained that deer to pose so nicely? I want one. That's kind of dangerous though, having a buck in the house. Well, no more dangerous than having a bunch of guns around a teenager, I suppose… wait. Ohhh. Awww." And sad face.

[Thanks, Amanda!]


These two bystanders in Times Square shot by the police (they're okay, and commissioner Ray Kelly describes them as in "good spirits"), and this man in Charlotte who was looking for help after a car wreck, also shot by the police (he is dead). Also the three people, including one police officer, who were shot at the Washington Navy Yard this morning in an ongoing situation, and let's just say probably all of the 289-ish people who will be shot in America today.


Getting Guns

"There’s this idea that women are more affiliative, more peace loving, more pacifistic, which should then make women as a group gun averse," said one women's studies professor and gun-book-author in this Times article about women and firearms, and yet:

Women’s participation in shooting sports has surged over the last decade, increasing by 51.5 percent for target shooting from 2001 to 2011 … and by 41.8 percent for hunting, according to the National Sporting Goods Association.

I went to a shooting range once, thinking it'd be exciting, maybe something like the movies, but I was wrong and hated it. I guess I'm glad I went, though. Any more-interesting [...]


Women Shooting Virals

The popularity of women in swimwear shooting guns is both well known and easily explained. Men like women in swimwear. Men like guns. It's the surf-and-turf of testosterovisual stimulus. Not surprisingly, videos of attractive women in bikinis shooting guns are very popular (see above).

But a sub-genre of women shooting guns is even more popular. Videos of women being injured, overpowered, and generally manhandled by the huge guns they've been given have racked up hundreds of thousands, and, in many cases, millions and millions of views. They've largely avoided mainstream attention, however, until now: This August, a cable network show will feature the most famous woman ever [...]