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Meditations on 12 Bits of Bathroom Graffiti

When I started grad school a few months ago, I was delighted to find that all the restrooms in the Humanities building have chalkboards in each stall. Presumably it’s a technique intended to cut down on actual graffiti, and it seems to work: Though the chalk is long gone and the messages are mostly in marker, those messages on the chalkboard, and the stalls’ walls, remain pristine (for some definition of the word pristine that includes surfaces sprayed nearly continuously with microscopic drops of toilet water).

Here are a few:

Lady 1: Well-behaved women rarely make history. Lady 2: self-hatred [with an arrow pointing to the strikeout] Ah, the [...]


Meditations on 13 Bits of Graffiti in the Ladies' Room at the Pub Trivia Bar go, read, know You mean this whole mess was just one patriarch this entire time? Well, goddamn, I blame him, too.

Don’t be sexist, bitches HATE THAT … You know, fair enough.

Lady 1: douchebag Lady 2: douchebag is a hygienic product I take that as a compliment! Lady 3: They give you yeastie beasties! Ew! Something about this exchange is unexpectedly cute. Is it the “yeastie beasties” part? I think it’s the “yeastie beasties” part.

College is for people who Who what? Who WHAT?!

I would rather have diamonds in my pussy & dicks round my neck! Can we please all put this on our family [...]


Let's All Make…

something, for goodness sake. Here, artsy pals Alynn and Mags make a mural while other pals make a cool video of them making a mural. Industrious. Get off the couch. Remember, it is literally killing you.  (Thanks, Erin!)


Pretty Is as Pretty Does

Pretty things in this video: The artist. The videography. The colors. The music. The accents. The intent. The t-shirts. The tattoos. The cows.


Let's All Make…

…moss graffiti! It's springy, in more ways that one. Apartment Therapy has this tutorial which basically says to put moss in a blender with a few pancake ingredients and paint it on a wall that doesn't get too much direct sunlight. Then wait a month. Easy as pancakes, if you didn't have to cook pancakes and instead pancakes were inedible batter painted on walls by people who were already pretty good artists to begin with. These folks would be pancake making champions if that's what pancakes were.


The Best Time My Name Appeared on a Bathroom Wall

So, I sort of (totally) used to be the type of person who believed the stuff they read on the bathroom walls at bars. "Sandy is an oranged-faced whore," "Kate loves Mike 4 life," and "this stall is for doing coke ONLY" were complete facts to me. And then one night I walked into a bathroom at a local dive bar and found my full name followed by "is a syphilitic whore" on pretty much every surface possible.


We're talking mirrors, blow dryers, walls. Everything. Just, like, covered in what a total whore I was.

I had been out that night celebrating because I was moving to New [...]