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Sriracha Stilettos and Beyond: An Interview With Hourglass Footwear

Edith Zimmerman: So you're part of the company (Hourglass Footwear) that made these phenomenal Sriracha stilettos. Sriracha Stilettos. Would that be a good burlesque name?

Lisa Strom: Go for it! It would definitely be a good burlesque name. Maybe we can sponsor your act.

Kira Bundlie: We can paint the Rock Out design on other shoe styles — flats, mid-heels, stilettos, etc. … but I have to say that "Sriracha Stilettos" sounds a lot sexier for a burlesque name than "Sriracha Flats."

How did those shoes come about, and how did the whole company come about? (I guess: what's the brief backstory?)

Kira: We're a group of nine [...]