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"A Podcast for Long Distance Besties Everywhere"

Pie Chart Connoisseur Ann Friedman and Tech Lady Mafia Boss Aminatou Sow, long distance best friends, have teamed up to create Call Your Girlfriend, a podcast for long distance best friends. The first episode features discussion of "special IRL circumstances, smug Californians, the Obamacare struggle, menstruation clickbait, Beyonce’s influence, and drunk online shopping." Oh sure I suppose I could relate to some of those things. [CYG, Twitter]


How Are You Celebrating National Girlfriends Day?

Today is August 1, National Girlfriends Day, the day Girlfriends died so that we might live. The lifestyle website Shecky's invites us to celebrate it by calling out our laziest, funniest, drunkest, sluttiest, and most boring friends, except they phrase it differently. Speaking of women, have you heard about Helen of Troy's entrancing vagina?


What Kind of High-School Girlfriend Were You? And Are You Miserable Now?

Were you a cool one? Were you a slutty one? Were you never one because _____? Were you one of the ones who always asked "do you really care about me"? Uh oh, if you were that last one. (All the other ones are good, though.)

Adolescents and young adults who excessively seek reassurance in their romantic relationships are at increased risk for depression, according to a new psychological study at the University of Maine. Excessive reassurance seeking — such as constantly asking, “Do you really care about me?” — is associated with poorer relationship quality and internalizing problems, especially for girls and young women.

Let's all say [...]


The Best Time My Girlfriend’s Baby Tooth Fell Out

I don’t care much about teeth. My first legitimate girlfriend had braces. She was 27; I was 21. You couldn’t feel them, if you know what I mean, you just saw them once in a while and remembered, oh yeah, you have braces, that’s kinda weird.

I don’t have the best teeth in the world. I have a gap between my front two, and while I’ve never liked it I also don’t obsess over it anymore. I’ve gotten used to it. I like faces with character, and having imperfect teeth can be a sign of good character, or so I tell myself.

My second legitimate girlfriend had imperfect teeth, too. [...]


Don't Hate Her Because She Is Beautiful

"I was traveling so much, and I just needed to make sure I was grounded and had someone to talk to. [My therapist] talked more than I did, which was hilarious and great and fun… It was like having a girlfriend. But I'm not going to give her $300 an hour to have the same conversation I could have with my girlfriend." —Oh, January Jones, you are so beautiful when you sit there quietly. Maybe it's better if you just keep your lips pursed together gently when they are taking pictures of you.


Here Comes Breakup Season

Designer/writer David McCandless combed through 10,000 Facebook status updates looking for breakup trends, then packaged the data into this tidy green graph — a summation of which comes courtesy Mathias Mikkelsen:


Calling Your Girlfriend

Your Girlfriend: Hello?

You: Hello?

YG: Hello?

Y: Hey, can you hear me?

YG: Hello? Is that you? I can barely hear you. Hold on one sec.

Y: Hello?

YG: Sorry, I’m on the freeway, reception keeps cutting in and out. What’s up?

Y: Hey. Um, what’s going on?

YG: Not much, I’m just driving home. Where are you? What’s that noise in the background?

Y: What noise?

YG: That kind of, like, thumping noise. It’s really loud. Are you in a club?

Y: Yeah, hold on, let me just step outside.


Y: Is that better?

YG: Yeah. So what’s up?

Y: I was just calling because, um, [...]


BBFs, Best Bat Friends

Female wild Bechstein's bats prefer to literally hang out with certain friends while they also keep loose ties to the rest of their colony. … [T]hese bat buddies mirror human ones.

Oh girl.


Did you see what Batricia put on her—


So you did?

Oh, I only have eyes. Or, the ability to sense things in the way that we do.

What was it, a grub? That she squished open and smeared on her lips like gloss? I seriously can't even.