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Amaryllis, Flower Cult

About a year ago, I got an email from a flower company offering to send me a box of three amaryllis bulbs. I said yes, in part because my mom also grows and gives away amaryllis plants each winter, but mostly because I love flowers, even if I am probably not supposed to accept them or anything else for free. Then last fall I emailed my mom about it. 

EZ: What do you like about giving amaryllis bulbs as gifts? I like that they're almost ridiculously easy, and then somehow also never die. And randomly (or not so randomly) rebloom.

Elizabeth Fox: Amaryllis are like dessert, at least for [...]


Ryan Lochte: "I can teach you how to swim! Or just swim with you"

You can now buy time in the water with the astoundingly handsome and innocently repellant Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, if you'd like. The offer appears to be redeemable at any point in the coming year, more or less, and the current offer is $9,500, although there are five more days left to bid ("estimated value: $20,000"). Lunch is apparently also included in the deal.



Good Old Maps

Good news for anyone who enjoys flipping through or zooming in on freaky medieval maps (everyone, right?):

Three of my great fascinations — cartography as art, propaganda design, and antique maps — converge in Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art. The lavish tome collects cartographic curiosities from the golden age of display maps — the period between 1450 and 1800, when maps were as much a practical tool for navigation as they were works of art and affirmations of cultural hegemony or social status — culled from the formidable collection of the British Library.

That's Brain Picking's wonderful Maria Popova, who today features several excerpts from the map collection (it's $24.95), and [...]


The League of Ordinary Tote Bags

Yes! Fans of Esther C. Werdiger's League of Ordinary Ladies comics can now enjoy the series in tote bag form! Run-click, do not walk-click, to Esther's Etsy store, where each glorious $18 tote (of which there are currently 41) has an "ENTIRE original comic printed on the bag," writes Esther, "and the comic is about shopping. Having bags to suit specific occasions is good and special."


If SkyMall Did Gift Registries

"… even housewarming gift." (With video.)


Highlights from the Zombie of Montclaire Moors Statue Customer Ratings & Review section:

"Everyone who passes by remarkes on the Zombie."

"Thanks, tax refund!"

"I ordered this for my husband's birthday and set it up as a surprise for him."

"We have had a lot of interesting comments about our GLEN … and he looks very handsome against the red wood chips in the garden."

"Got it to scare the grandkids. And it did. The kids stay clear of it."

"For the holiday season, he is now sporting a jaunty Santa hat!"


Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

"… I come to every social engagement armed with board games, to help facilitate that whole human interaction thing that people thought was important before smartphones gave us an excuse to avoid eye contact with others. It’s also why I give games as gifts." —Over on The Morning News, Matthew "Good Gift Game Guide Guy" Baldwin rounds up his favorite games of the year, board- and non, with brief explanations of how they work, who they're good for, and the time they take to play. There's one that seems to be an Apples to Apples "for horrible people," as well as an oddly Tarot-looking one about mushrooms. Since [...]


Estate Jewelry: Witch Hearts and the Victorian Onyx Mystery

Many people don’t realize that sapphire comes in all sorts of colors, not just blue. Sapphire is the gem form of the mineral corundum, and depending on other elements within the stone, it can also be pink, yellow, green — or even red (but if it’s red, it’s a ruby!). Padparadscha is the rarest, most desirable — and most valuable — form of sapphire around. The demand is due to the beautiful color, which is a delicate mix of orange and pink.

Padparadscha comes from Sri Lanka (other countries have produced it, but there is always fierce debate about whether their stones are good enough to be termed “padparadscha”). It’s [...]


Friday Item Receptacle

The regular Bargain Bin is off this week, but in its place is this … Item Receptacle of things that aren't necessarily on sale, but are still potentially worthwhile. So I guess it's also a gift guide. Anyway, today all L.L. Bean boots are 30% off — men's and women's.

Left: $97 (were $137); Right: $125 (were $179)

L.L. Bean also has surprisingly nice, moderately priced sateen sheets. They're not on sale, but I've liked them for the past few years, if you're ever in desperate need of a sheets recommendation. Interestingly, L.L. Bean also has a $749 knife


Natalie Eve Garrett: The Store

Very good news: Natalie Eve Garrett, known here for her Animal Surprise series and Olive Oil recipes, has opened an Etsy shop, where she's offering prints of her undersea and on-land paintings. (I happen to have seen them in person, and they are gorgeous.)

Each print is $25 and printed on glossy, heavy-weight paper, and wouldn't not make a perfect gift to anyone anywhere.

I believe there's also a link hidden somewhere on the site that makes sriracha come out the USB port, but I haven't found it yet, although the day is young.


A Clean Person’s Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season why not give the gift of clean? Our very own Clean Person has compiled a gift guide for the domestically inclined or challenged folks on your holiday shopping list. This holiday season may you be less filthy!

WD-40 3 oz Handy Can, $2.79 The travel-sized can of WD-40 makes for a great stocking stuffer and also a great excuse to link to the most amazing Jeopardy! winner’s story ever. And when the person getting it gives you that look like, “Oh my God I didn’t even realize you could suck so badly what even is this gift??” just be all, “Fine, but the next [...]